Effects may be delayed and not felt for hours. Ammonium bifluoride is used as an etchant for Glass and Aluminum. If you’re interested in further information or purchasing this product please submit your details in the form below and we will get back to you shortly. eCl@ss 38050109 . Find here Ammonium Bifluoride manufacturers & OEM manufacturers India. Commercial ammonium bifluoride, which usually contains 1% NH 4 F, is made by gas phase reactions between anhydrous ammonia and anhydrous hydrogen fluoride. AMMONIUM BIFLUORIDE Page 3 Colour: White Odour: Odourless Oxidising: Non-oxidising (by EC criteria) Solubility in water: Soluble Also soluble in: Ethanol. Like all fluoride salts, it is moderately toxic in both acute and chronic overdose. Chemsrc provides Ammonium bifluoride(CAS#:1341-49-7) MSDS, density, melting point, boiling point, structure, formula, molecular weight etc. Potential Health Effects: Ingestion Harmful if swallowed. Inhalation Move casualty to fresh air and keep at rest. Ammonium bifluoride. Except where otherwise noted, data are given for materials in their(at 25 °C [77 °F], 100 kPa).Except where otherwise noted, data are given for materials in their(at 25 °C [77 °F], 100 kPa). If not breathing, give artificial respiration. Ammonium Bifluoride may be systematically absorbed in lethal amounts through intact skin. *Please select more than one item to compare Ammonium hydrogen fluoride* (NH4HF2) is used for aluminium anodization, metal surface treatment, manufacture of wood preservatives, glass processing, building protection, mineral oil/ natural gas drilling, cleaning of industrial plants and in the electronic industry. pH=3.5 Composition NH4HF2 Ammonium Bifluoride (5%) 1. Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: Ammonium bifluoride, 1341-49-7. A.V.M. Ammonium hydrogen fluoride; (Ammonium bifluoride) (1341-49-7) 11 mg/m3 : 130 mg/m3 : 750 mg/m3 Ammonium Bifluoride successfully replaces the traditional, but a dangerous and aggressive material - hydrofluoric acid, which is very aggressive, corrodes many materials, causing severe burns, releases harmful to breathe fumes. Buy Ammonium Bifluoride, Ammonium Hydrogen Fluoride, CAS 1341-49-7, and a wide selection of ammonium bifluoride available in many proofs, grades, and package sizes for companies in academia/education, food, biotech, life science, pharmaceutical, R&D and analytical laboratories, industrial, and government markets. Search results for ammonium bifluoride at Sigma-Aldrich. ammonium acid fluoride; ammonium hydrogen fluoride; white acid FTIR Chemical structure Other Properties. Registered in England and Wales No. Ammonium bifluoride CAS 1341-49-7 WIKI information includes physical and chemical properties, USES, security data, NMR spectroscopy, computational chemical data and more. Molecular Weight 57.04 . It is produced from ammonia and hydrogen fluoride. It is also used to sterilizing brewing and dairy equipment. Soluble in water. Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of Ammonium Bifluoride for buying in India. ammonium bifluoride (amonyum bİ florÜr) ammonium bifluoride (amonyum bİ florÜr) ; cas number:1341-49-7 ec number: 215-676-4 Material Safety Data Sheet from Analytyka. This page uses material from the related Wikipedia article which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0. Ammonium fluoride is the inorganic compound with the formula NH 4 F. It crystallizes as small colourless prisms, having a sharp saline taste, and is highly soluble in water. Read about company. Compare Products: Select up to 4 products. SOLUBILITY: ammonia liquid [NH 3]: solventless acetone [(CH 3) 2 CO]: 0,01 (25°) water [H 2 O]: 71,9 (0°), 74,1 (10°), 82,6 (20°), 88,8 (30°), 111 (60°), 118 (80°), dimethyl sulfoxide [(CH 3) 2 SO]: 0,11 (25°) methanol [CH 3 OH]: 2,88 (25°) fluorine hydride [HF]: 36,8 (-20°), 95,3 (25°) ethanol [C 2 H 5 OH]: 1,75 (25°) PROPERTIES: colourless hexagonal crystals M (molar mass): 37,040 g/mol Т DT (decomposing … Revised on 04/01/2015 Page 5 of 7 Infobox references. Ammonium bifluoride (CAS No. Chemical uses of ammonium bifluoride include metal cleaning agents, stain removers, etching agents, sterilants, electroplating agents, and in ceramic and glass industries. HF. If it is needed in large quantities, one mole of aqueous ammonia can be mixed with one mole of the more readily available ammonium bifluoride. Ammonium hydrogen difluoride 99.999% trace metals basis Synonym: Ammonium bifluoride, Etching powder CAS Number 1341-49-7. There have been cases of accidental ingestion of products containing ammonium bifluoride leading to … FIRST-AID MEASURES Eyes Rinse with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes and seek medical attention immediately. Ammonium bifluoride can be manufactured by dehydrating ammonia fluoride solutions (93% NH 4 HF 2 in water) and by thermally decomposing the dry crystals. Some description was translated by software and the data is only as a reference. It attacks silica component of glass: It is used as an oil well acidifier and in the etching of glass or cleaning of brick and ceramics. Mubychem Group has several manufacturing facilities spread across … Linear Formula NH 4 HF 2. STABILITY AND REACTIVITY Stability: Stable under normal conditions. Synonyms and Related Terms. The volume consumed of sodium hydroxide is equivalent to Chromic, Nitric and ammonium bifluoride let it be V1. EC Number 215-676-4. This colourless salt is a glass-etchant and an intermediate in a once-contemplated route to hydrofluoric acid. AMMONIUM BIFLUORIDE 1. MDL number MFCD00012018. Ammonium hydrogen fluoride;Ammonium bifluoride;acid ammonium fluoride;ammonium acid fluoride;ammonium difluoride, ammonium bifluoride;ammonium acid fluoride, Fluoride ion;fluoride;fluoride ion;fluoride ion;fluoride;fluorine ion, Leptospira adventitial protein, its code sequence and use, Preparation of anti cytoplasmic thymidine kinase-IgY and tumor diagnosis composition, Binding region of erythrocyte binding protein of plasmodium vivax and plasmodium falciform, Method of producing high purity postmenopause urine promoted gonadofrophin, Desmocyte growth factor 11 antibody, antagonist and agonist, Desmocyte growth factor 13 antibody, antagonist and agonist, Nano grade alpha cellulose and its preparation method, Production method of high density polyethylene communication cable insulating material, Preparation method of PVC battery baffle plate special resin. ... Solubility. Get contact details and address| ID: 9905460762 It is also used in ceramics, electroplating, component of glass etchants as well as food processing equipment disinfectant. 1341-49-7). In presence of moisture will corrode glass, cement, and most metals. Get Contact details & address of companies manufacturing and supplying Ammonium Bifluoride across India. Ammonium bifluoride,physical properties,suppliers,CAS,MSDS,structure,Molecular Formula, Molecular Weight ,Solubility,boiling point, melting point It is produced from ammonia and hydrogen fluoride. Regulatory Information Chemical Inventory Status - Part 1 Ingredient TSCA EC Japan Australia Ammonium Bifluoride (1341-49-7) Yes Yes Yes Yes Australian Hazchem Code : 2X Articles of Ammonium bifluoride are included as well. Ammonium Bifluoride Page 1 Issued: 05/06/2013 Revision No: 1 1. A. Chromic acid is determined by iodometric titration as you did, titration with sodium hydroxide to get total acidity. Product Identification Synonyms: Ammonium hydrogen fluoride; ammonium difluoride; acid ammonium fluoride CAS No. Flammable hydrogen gas may collect in enclosed spaces. Melting point/range°C: 125 Relative density: 1.5 10. Sales Private Limited - Offering Ammonium Bifluoride, अमोनियम बिफ्लोराइड at Rs 150/kg in Kolkata, West Bengal. Proper Shipping Name : AMMONIUM HYDROGEN DIFLUORIDE, SOLID Hazard Class : 8 UN/NA : UN1727 Packing Group : II Information reported for product/size: 100LB 15. Ammonium bifluoride use instead of hydrofluoric acid is safer for use, storage and transportation and is less harmful, and reduce your costs by 10 - 15%. PubChem Substance ID … If you would rather discuss the product by phone please contact us on +44 (0) 1494 728458. Melting point: 126 °C (259 °F; 399 K)(decomposes), GHS precautionary statements: P280 P301+310 P305+351+338 P310. It may also be used for pH adjustment in industrial textile processing or laundry applications. Ammonium Bifluoride Manufacturers, with SDS GHS MSDS Sheet: Muby Chemicals of Mubychem Group, established in 1976, is the original manufacturers of Specialty Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Excipient, Fragrance Food & Flavor chemicals, Reagent Grade Chemicals, Shale Gas Fracturing Chemicals in India. Ammonium hydrogen fluoride is used as a chemical reagent in analysis and an antiseptic. HF. Data indicate that ingestion of between 1 teaspoon and 1 ounce may be fatal. Ammonium bifluoride is a component of some etchants. Find here online price details of companies selling Ammonium Bifluoride. Ammonium fluoride is available principally as a laboratory reagent. 06335052, Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0. 1) Ammonium bifluoride is manufactured by the following methods: the action of ammonium hydroxide on hydrofluoric acid with subsequent crystallization; from hydrofluoric acid and ammonia; by the gas phase reactions of one mole of anhydrous ammonia with two moles of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride (HSDB, 2003). Ammonium Bifluoride >95 1341-49-7 215-676-4 NH 5 F 2 57.04 g/mol 4. This colourless salt is a glass-etchant and an intermediate in a once-contemplated route to hydrofluoric acid. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. Ammonium bifluoride is therefore 35.072% HF. Conditions to avoid: Heat. AMMONIUM BIFLUORIDE reacts violently with bases. So if you desire a solution that contains 5% hydrogen fluoride you need 2.85 times as much or 14.25% ammonium bifluoride. If you desire a solution that contains HF equivalent to 5% of the commercial product (typically, but not always, 48% HF) you will want 48% of this or 6.84% ammonium bifluoride. Ammonium Biflouride Markets Industrial MSDS Download Ammonium Biflouride MSDS Speak With an Expert 1-800-387-9799 Ask a question Request a Quote Agricultural; Heating and Cooling; Industrial; Swimming Pool; Water Treatment; Services. May 25, 2020. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION ... Solubility (ies) Completely soluble in water Partition coefficient: n-octanol/water Not Available Auto-ignition temperature Not Available Decomposition temperature Not Available . Ammonium bifluoride is used for cleaning and etching of metals before the metal is further processed. 2) Ammonium bifluoride dissolves in water and forms a weak solution of hydrofluoric … IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE / PREPARATION AND OF THE COMPANY / UNDERTAKING Product name: Ammonium Bifluoride CAS number: 1341-49-7 EINECS number: 215-676-4 Index number: 009-009-004 Synonyms: Ammonium Hydrogen Difluoride, Ammonium Acid Fluoride Soluble in water, ethanol.

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