BACKGROUND: Access to primary care outside of regular working hours is limited in many countries. Sarma asked performance scholar Josefine Wikström to write a critical analysis of Kunst’s elaboration on the ubiquitous relation between art and capitalism. However, you can keep your own Sarma User Guide and State Guidelines handy while awaiting or reviewing a newly completed report. :) Helpful (27) TASHA156 Rating: 5 stars 07/15/2003. Sarma je sigurno jedno od omiljenih ako ne i najomiljenije domaće jelo u Srbiji! They’re so deeply and perfectly charred, and resting atop a creamy sauce that—when the spicy oil seeping from that chorizo gets involved—is begging to be sopped up with bread. Initiator and interviewer Myriam Van Imschoot and co-editor Tom Engels will guide the audience through the publication. Overthrowing oneself with another as a way to simultaneously break down and reconstruct; a way to activate renaming across temporal, spatial, gendered, economic, institutionalized and other constraints. Oral Site is an online platform for expanded publications. If you want to keep the wine flowing, ask for the Surahi. It’s a 500 ml carafe of the house selection for $22. A Walk Into Wilderness poem by Radhamani Sarma. Utilizing the act of name giving and taking is a way to playfully both expand and dissolve the self. It can impact how you walk, judge distance and directions, and if you’ll fall over. The ingredients are mixed and blended. walk+talk documents is an ongoing multimodal publication around Philipp Gehmacher's walk+talk series, in which choreographers introduce their movement language in a lecture-demonstration. The documentation of the interventions can be found here. It is produced by Sarma and WIELS, with the support of workspacebrussels. Sarma works in the university’s human spaceflight lab and her research centers on how humans’ stress response system is related to ... Sarma says. Sarma Melngailis. Paper Kunsthalle. Browse our online database with author-based or thematic anthologies, or use the search field. sarmap’s mission is to develop and provide innovative, sophisticated yet simple customized Earth Observation solutions, dedicated to the generation of digital information of Earth system, ensuring technical advantages and economical benefits. During this evening organized by Sarma and hosted by Erg, the public got introduced to some art works as well as to the unique tool that enabled them. The conversation explores the ethics and the potential of self-organised democratic processes. Tickets can be found here. 21/09/2016 Athens Biennial, "OMONIA", Varvakios Square, 19:00. From Santariškės st., Vilniaus 29 min. Najpopularnije domaće jelo svih vremena. This venture is a next step of their previous collaborative research project which resulted in the publication of the book Public Sphere by Performance (2012, b_books Berlin). Kislo zelje pripravljamo iz nasoljenega zelja. Once I have used the smoked hock in the recipe I then remove it and simmer it in 3L of water for 3-4 hours to create a smokey stock that I can use for soups or for boiling vegetables. Bus: 1G, 49, 4G, 88, 89; Trolleybus: 6; How to get to Sarma by Bus? While preparing a docu-fiction film with and alongside the grassroots solidarity movement in Athens (vision for a citizen, 2017), artist Robin Vanbesien invites Daniel Blanga-Gubbay and Ana Vujanovic to share their reflections on an 'imaginary of solidarity'. Articulating their ideas with candor and precision, these recordings capture them once again as equally seasoned and eloquent thinkers. It concerns essays, scores, self-interviews and interviews – all reflections on practice that relate to the specific context of “walk+talk” and give an insight in the ways artists speak and write about their work, method and poetics. Research Studios: A Series of Interventions, CLANGUAGE, an artist publication by Arf Arf, Oral Site: Artist publications in a digital environment. Atop gorgeous puréed carrot and below a colorful garnish of green onions and almonds, this tender duck could be a main course filet in any five-star restaurant. Italian Grandma Makes Eggplant Parmigiana - Duration: 39:20. Sarma is pleased to announce the release of Solidarity Poiesis: I Will Come and Steal You, a book edited by Robin Vanbesien. WE CANT WAIT TO SEE…” As a result of the COVID-19 measures imposed by the Belgian Federal Government, this presentation will not take place. We were very full by the time we left, and I didn’t try every dish as our husbands who sat at one end ordered more meat than our more vegetarian side of the table! Cait Whitney December 8, 2014. The Dancer as Agent Collection is an unwrapping of The Dancer as Agent conference (DOCH Stockholm, November 2013). Upon discovering that its monolingual French version, “L’union fait la force” (Unity is strength), had been erased for political reasons from the frontispiece of the Belgian Pavilion in Venice, Meessen got interested in the existence of that very same motto on Haïti’s flag since its independence in 1804. Volume SP is a new online series of compilations of speech-based audio-works and sound poetry on Oral Site. In March 2016, Sarma will launch a text collection of her most prominent works. Diglossia is a digital artist publication by visual artist Vincent Meessen. He is a retired official from … November 7: Filmwerkstatt, Düsseldorf (DE) WALK IN OR ORDER ONLINE AND SELECT A PICKUP TIME! Servers walk around with plates of meze which are not on the menu and you can choose to add it to your order or decline the dish. Sarma founded the Loli Police Department, as it is known today, in 2018. Where to Dine Outside in Boston While Social Distancing, Where to Buy Bread in Boston During the COVID-19 Shutdown. Da bi vam sarma bila dobra mora i kupus u koji je savijate da … This evening is part of Robin Vanbesien’s research trajectory supported by Sarma. Servers walk around with plates of meze which are not on the menu and you can choose to add it to your order or decline the dish. To provide business and consumer solutions to enable our clients to make more informed decisions and mitigate risk. To celebrate the launch of the publication, Sarma organizes an evening with contributions by Lisa Nelson, Jeroen Peeters, Myriam Van Imschoot and Tom Engels. it has been opened for a while, but it took me a while to visit sarma since i wasnt so impressed by oleana . It includes annotated videos, multimodal essays on utterance and on space, and a text collection on practice. the NY restaurateur who went from vegan hero to meat-free outlaw broke down crying in court Monday as she was offered up to three years in prison for allegedly stealing $2m. Grab it. Modeled after the traditional meyhanes of Turkey, the menu is a large selection of small plates ( meze ) that are designed to be shared alongside food-friendly cocktails, craft beers or a glass of wine from a small but carefully selected list. Sarma's bar opens daily at 5 PM- drop by to try one of our house cocktails, or to sample our range of craft beers and eclectic wines. walk+talk documents is an ongoing multimodal publication around Philipp Gehmacher's walk+talk series, in which choreographers introduce their movement language in a lecture-demonstration. Page On March 2, Sarma will preview the new digital publication 'Conversations in Vermont: Steve Paxton', edited by Tom Engels and Myriam Van Imschoot, at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen. Walk-ins are always welcome and are greeted on a first-come first-served basis. After editions in Vienna (2008), Brussels (2011), Stockholm (2014), Reykjavik (2015) and Berlin (2016), the Poznan (2017) edition can now be found online as well. It is with great pleasure that Sarma announces the release of Conversations in Vermont (2020). 76. Z istim imenom pri nas označujemo tudi zvitke iz ohrovta, sladkega zelja, blitve ali listov mladega hrena. Arpan Sarma is on Facebook. Fun! Geography is inspiration rather than limitation, evinced by the judicious inclusion of wines from France, beers from New England, and veggies from Sudbury, Massachusetts, grown by none other than Sortun’s husband. The book is available through b_books and MER. Click on the Bus route to see step by step directions with maps, line arrival times and updated time schedules. Sarma | 549 followers on LinkedIn. No iako je svima dobro poznata, to ne znači da je svaka sarma ista. Serves Middle Eastern. Each offer an epic listening and reading experience, with recordings and transcripts intertwining as mutually supportive strands. The evening was framed by artist and founder of Oral Site, Myriam Van Imschoot. October 31: Beursschouwburg, Brussels (BE) Sarma Homestay - Located in Kuta, this cheap Sarma Homestay offers free self-parking and smokers lounge. Grünberger Straße 12, Gießen, Germany, For more information, please visit the website of the project. All the government-funded Madrassas are set to shut down and transform into general schools with the Assam Assembly on Wednesday passing a Bill … Il est obtenu par fermentation du chou, sans aucun type de vinaigre. Kombinacija kiselog kupusa i mlevenog mesa začinjenih onako “baš po ukusu” i jesu jedan od našin prepoznatljivih brendova. So good we can't stop writing about it. The first installment of the publication, Conversations in Vermont: Lisa Nelson, was published in 2018. Amidst the autumn avenue in Ulukunchi of West Karbi Anglong, Sikaisal, a place of knowledge, our protagonist Maheshwar Patar, who has singularly attained formal education in his hometown builds it with his bare hands. Varusteleka offers military surplus, outdoors equipment and proper Mil-Spec tactical gear along with cheaper alternatives. Among the many people she interviewed at that time, she found in Lisa Nelson and Steve Paxton a pair of interlocutors to guide her through the conceptual minefield of “thinking” improvisation. We were very full by the time we left, and I didn’t try every dish as our husbands who sat at one end ordered more meat than our more vegetarian side of the table! Lauren. It is then wrapped in pickled vine leaves. Conversations in Vermont: Lisa Nelson is a digital artist publication and online research resource that highlights the work and life of dance and video artist Lisa Nelson. “On Mars, if you fall, you puncture your space suit and die,” Sarma says, explaining that the suit would lose whatever oxygen reserves it has. Prior to that he created all known, official LPD avatar models. In the publication Diglossia, the bas-relief banner of the Pavilion is reproduced but the missing official motto is replaced by about fifteen creole variations, read aloud by a creole locator and translated in English, French and Dutch. In February 2013, Sarma and Philipp Gehmacher launched the publication walk+talk documents on Oral Site. Please try to expand your search or look for something else. Cost $75 for two people (approx.) On the occasion of Through the Back, Sarma realized an online anthology of Jeroen Peeters’ critical writings on dance, including unpublished lectures, hard-to-find essays and many translations. Spremanje vrhunske sarme vještina je koja se brusi godinama, a postoji i cijeli niz sitnih detalja kako ovo jelo učiniti što boljim i ukusnijim. Please note, reservations are highly encouraged. The following transit lines have routes that pass near Sarma. Digital Metamorphosis - Part 2 By N M Sarma. Both publications were developed in dialogue with the artists, who now extend these once undisclosed conversations with people worldwide. Sarma supports the research trajectory of both films. It revolves around many hours of audio-recorded interviews with Lisa Nelson, conducted by Myriam Van Imschoot between 2001 and now. Kristien Van den Brande installs her research on Support de Fortune in the vitrine of Recyclart. with works by Valentina Desideri, Adriana Lara, Alex Bailey, Dora Garcia, Jan Ritsema, Jonathan Burrows, Krõõt Juurak, Angela Goh, Jennifer Lacey, Audrey Cottin, Mårten Spångberg and Pontus Pettersson, Saturday 21/01 - 5 pm & Sunday 22/01 - 3 pm  If you want to keep the wine flowing, ask for the Surahi. On that occasion, the anthology was updated with writings by artists who … The exhibition is curated by Romain Bigé and João Fiadeiro and will run from February 20 till May 10 at Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao. Steve Paxton himself participates online and the writer and researcher Lou Forster will contribute to the dialogue. Lauren has travelled extensively, allowing her to experience different cultures around the world. David Weber-Krebs, from `Miniature´, Berlin 2008. This essay was commissioned by Sarma as a reflection on the walk+talk series that took place at the Reykjavik Dance Festival in February 2015. "Taking on another name is drag minus kitsch and cliché. Although Med-to-Maghreb is a definite theme, no dish is the cuisine of a single county or even region. Patients can directly walk in or can call on the below given phone number for appointment. It started in 2017, just as the knuckles started spreading for the first time. You can walk in and sit at the bar but it fills up pretty quickly. Stuffed Vine Leaves Homemade(Etsiz Yaprak Sarma) 500gr. She looks for conceptions and visualisations of the connection between tools, thinking and writing. I changed it a bit by leaving out the ham and adding a kilbasa to the pot as it cooked. Special attention goes to texts that appeared only in Dutch. Gili T has a very friendly vibe and is full of people keen to get to know one another. Guests will include Goran Sergej Pristas, Diedrich Diederichsen, Daniela Bershan and Juan Dominguez. In this time where identity, the corporate, labeling, and branding flood our landscape, the procedure of naming is varied, omnipresent and strategic. Amid Congress And AIUDF Walk Out, Assam Assembly Passes Bill To Shut Govt-Run Madrasas And Convert Them To General Schools by IANS - Dec 31, 2020 04:23 AM Assam Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma. How to Race Walk. Conversations in Vermont (2020) can be accessed here. Literally, dragging something over to collide with the self, the voice, and the body and to also perform within the waves it produces." Please note, reservations are highly encouraged. Histoire Entreprise de distribution autonome. With his holistic focus on the human body, Dr. Sarma is often able to see things in a unique way. In 2019 Sarma and Oral Site will release the second chapter of Conversations in Vermont, which will focus on the work and life of dancer and choreographer Steve Paxton.​ For this second edition, Sarma Docs publishes The Project at Work, a text by philosopher and performance theoretician Bojana Kunst. Anything you try is great. Alexandre Leray (OSP) and Kristien Van den Brande (Sarma) presented Olga, the new architecture behind the current updated version of Oral Site, choreographer and visual artist Julien Bruneau navigated through the intricate landscape of his publication Strata and artists Alexander Schellow and David Weber-Krebs gave during their performance a glimpse of their upcoming publication for Oral Site. October 22: Croxhapox, Ghent (BE) How can concepts express problems? We tried numerous hacks to replicate this, including microwaving, freezing and boiling. Taking its vantage point from the popular assemblies in Athens, Solidarity Poiesis: I Will Come and Steal You discusses the multifaceted ideas and prospects of this grassroots movement such as prefiguration, self-governance and abolition democracy. In 'Choreographing Problems: Expressive Concepts in European Contemporary Dance and Performances' (Palgrave 2015), Bojana Cvejic unravels another mode of creation in recent choreography and performance, which begins by posing problems after Gilles Deleuze and Spinoza. In arma 2 you could Hold W + left Shift and walk slowly , Just W to walk regularly and 2XW to run , when i tried the same combo here it doesnt register seems to have a problem with using the same key for diffrent actions ( even if one is a key press and the other is a combo) , i think the old controls should at least be plausible to use This “listening” group constituted the first public moment to test out research and interview materials as part of an interview publication under construction. Both businesses closed in 2015 after staff walked out over unpaid wages and Melngailis was arrested for fraud in 2016 and convicted in 2017. duration: 2,5 hrs / limited capacity, Image: Group Show, The Matinee, La BF 15 - Lyon (2016) © Galerie. 17/11/2016 OFFoff Art Cinema, Ghent, 20:00. Digital Metamorphosis By N M Sarma. Thank you. we took my mom to sarma last night for an early mother’s day dinner since pork belly left to the west coast today. Additionally, dance artist and pedagogue Anouk Llaurens hosts The Breathing Archive, a workshop in which she invites you to collectively edit a poetic and ephemeral document based on a selection of texts from Sarma’s anthology on Lisa Nelson as well as texts emanating from Llaurens’ research on poetic documentation. Sarma je jelo koje ne treba posebno predstavljati i u kojem svi uživamo tijekom zime. Group Show by Galerie  These famous Middle Eastern meatballs make the cutest mini-burgers, served on toasted buns with a brown butter tomato sauce and pickles. Tags: Cabbage Rolls Macedonian Food Sarma. The patient from Peladahar area located near Ranighat in Borkhola legislative assembly constituency had visited Nizamuddin Markaz to attend the meeting organised by Tablighi Jamaat. Even if we’re in Boston for now, we’re pretty lucky to have Sortun and Piuma, homegrown chefs talented enough to seep up those flavors and make them their own. Founded in 2016 as a film production house, K9 Films (K9) is owned by the renowned actor and stand-up comedian of the industry Kapil Sharma. It includes annotated videos, multimodal essays on utterance and on space, and a text collection on practice. Blanga-Gubbay traces the production of vulnerability in the context of solidarity mechanisms in Europe, while Vujanović proposes the notion of the ‘transindividual’ as a possible horizon for performing the self. Sarma Melngailis (born September 10, 1972) is the former owner and co-founder of Pure Food and Wine, a raw foodism restaurant in New York City, and the founder and CEO of One Lucky Duck. Multiplicative SARMA model Combining both the seasonal and non-seasonal ARMA models would be simply expressed as ARMA(p,q) x (P,Q)s, where P,Q,s … Sarma is pleased to announce the release of Solidarity Poiesis: I Will Come and Steal You, a ... walk+talk documents is an ongoing multimodal publication around Philipp Gehmacher's walk+talk series (since February 2013). Sarma is technically booked up weeks ahead of time, but each night walk-in seats are available at the bar and at a huge communal table. The conversation was moderated by Tom Engels. Fast worldwide shipping. November 19: Skolská 28, Prague (CZ). Van Imschoot has been editing a body of interviews with two prolific American artists whose careers often intertwined and have been influencing generations of dance makers across the globe: Lisa Nelson and Steve Paxton. Dr Sarma said that breast milk is the best food for newborns. Sarma’s opening in 2013 was the first indication that Somerville’s gritty Winter Hill was on the up and up. 1G. Sarma est l'acronyme de Société anonyme pour la revente d'articles de masse. April 16-17, 18:00 - 22:00 The second part, Conversations in Vermont: Steve Paxton, is now being added to complete the diptych. The experience of destitution and being attacked by the state paradoxically overlapped with the revelation that democratic self-organisation is not only possible, but that is also an intensely positive experience. This publication was made possible by a research trajectory offered by Sarma and is co-published together with b_books, MER. Instead, each plate’s multiple layers of textures and flavors is like a saunter across the entire Silk Road (with a tapas stopover in Spain on the way home—these are small plates meant to be shared). Not for long, though. Sarma Restaurant: Amazing start to our stay in Boston - See 407 traveller reviews, 188 candid photos, and great deals for Somerville, MA, at Tripadvisor. Sarma also offers additional menu items “dim-sum” style. In Haïti (Ayiti) and in the Carribean, he found many creolised versions that circulate in the popular ways of speaking: sayings and proverbs, most of them originating from Africa. Sarma is glad to announce its participation in Drafting Interior Techniques, an exhibition on dancer and choreographer Steve Paxton. The exhibition will include a presentation of Sarma's digital publication 'Conversations in Vermont: Lisa Nelson' (2018) and a preview of 'Conversations in Vermont: Steve Paxton', which will be published by the end of 2019. Audio documentation of presentations at Kaaitheater in Brussels (with Gerald Siegmund and Chrysa Parkinson), at ImPulsTanz in Vienna (with Philipp Gehmacher and Jennifer Lacey), at Oktoberdans in Bergen (with André Eiermann and Mette Edvardsen), and at HZT/Tanzfabrik in Berlin (with Stefanie Wenner and Martin Nachbar) is available here. For an optimal experience, please use Safari, Chrome or Firefox as your browser. Download PDF: Sorry, we are unable to provide the full text but you may find it at the following location(s): (external link) Altogether this publication, made in collaboration with the artist, gives a rare overview of her prolific work and honors her finetuned ideas as they have been shaping the uncompromising potential of the senses for action and composition in and outside of the realm of dance. On February 20, 2015 at 18.30 at the Municipal Theatre Rivoli in Porto: Jeroen Peeters in dialogue with Alexandra Balona. It proposes an experimental approach to the documentation, study, dissemination and creation of art works. VoiceLab3, Part 2: Nature Calls (May 2014) Performance artist Myriam Van Imschoot organized a one week lab at BUDA in Kortrijk on the way … It creates a context in which the contours of agency that emerge from dancers' artistic practices can be bounced off, wandered through, felt, fit and shared. Public presentations happen on November 16 at Netwerk Aalst (BE), December 10 at Extra City (Antwerp, BE) and February 7 at Vooruit (Ghent, BE). Through the Back can be purchased online via Sarma (Belgium), Books on the Move (Europe) and Contact Quarterly (USA). Silchar MP, Rajdeep Roy informed that the Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma will visit Silchar and walk the patient out of Silchar Medical College and Hospital himself. Get anything on the dim sum style mezze plates. You can walk the sandy circumference of the island in around two hours (or run it in just under an hour). Lars Kwakkenbos wrote an essay about the main themes in Peeters' critical writings on dance (1998-2012), his poetics, the philosophical frames for his work and the development of his thinking in the proximity of dance (De hordes van een uitgestrekt denken, The hurdles of broad thinking). The property comprises 20 rooms. Head up Prospect Hill afterwards for a view of the city, and down the other side for drinks at backbar in Union Square. Sarma est une ancienne chaine de magasins belge active entre 1928 et 2004. TOUR DATES 2015 Sarma Melngailis . As a study for his next film vision for a citizen (2017), the film portrays a conversation between actors and protagonists of solidarity organisations in Athens. Read more about Sarma! Multiplicative SARMA model Combining both the seasonal and non-seasonal ARMA models would be simply expressed as ARMA(p,q) x (P,Q)s, where P,Q,s represent the components of the seasonal model. June 26, 2018. Nothing captures Sarma better than this mountain of colorful, glistening-with-olive-oil mezze salads, atop a hummus so creamy you’ll forget butter existed. There is a distinctive kind of thought which arose within the practices of making, performing and attending dance in the last fifteen years. Sarma Restaurant: Sarma -- an original, in a hard-to-find-but-worth-seeking location - See 408 traveller reviews, 188 candid photos, and great deals for Somerville, MA, at Tripadvisor. Key notions such as ‘stillness’, ‘attention’, and ‘image’, give a specific insight into Lisa Nelson’s practice, but also into dance-making at large. Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma, AC (born 13 January 1949) is a former Indian Air Force pilot who flew aboard Soyuz T-11 on 3 April 1984 with the Soviet Interkosmos programme. A hoary moment of isolation and despairtakes you for a walk in the wilderness saggy almost falling leaves . Join Facebook to connect with Arpan Sarma and others you may know. Edited by Chrysa Parkinson with the assistance of Jeroen Peeters and Julien Bruneau. By orally reviving their stories, lives, performances, and poetics they helped determine the very way these unwritten histories could be “told” in the first place. 24 likes. On the occasion of Camping 2018, Centre National de la Danse (CN D Pantin) invited Tom Engels and Myriam Van Imschoot to set up a sound installation, which gives insight into the publication. - Tom Engels, another name, spoken: a prelude. Paper Kunsthalle and Timely. Various objects were made, including essays, conversations, maps, films, materials and active texts. Anthony C. September 4, 2015. Walk-ins are always welcome and are greeted on a first-come first-served basis. The exhibition is curated by Romain Bigé and João Fiadeiro and will run between March 9 and July 14 at Culturgest (Lisbon, PT). This publication hosts an online collection of more than 17 hours of recorded interviews with two North-American artists who have been influencing the course of Western dance in the 20th century and up to the present: Lisa Nelson and Steve Paxton. The group will explore the combined power of memory and voice to conjure geometric shapes that radiate inwardly and shrink outwardly. More than 15 years later, Van Imschoot invited Tom Engels to collaborate on making these research materials public in a way that would keep the orality central. (Brussels), the artists, thinkers and theoreticians that were invited to teach in the program, will be given the opportunity to share their work publicly. Buon-A … Inspired by Robert Walser, Emily Dickinson, Walter Benjamin, Martin Kippenberger, a.o. Our customer service team is available to help by live walk-throughs Monday through Thursday between 7 AM and 7 PM (CST). The Author. she collects and deciphers 'marginal' notes. On Tuesday 2 December 2014, 6-8.30pm at 50°49’19.50’‘N 4°21’25.53’‘E, ERG´s gallery, Rue du Page/Edelknaapstraat 87, 1050 Brussels. Serve the sarma warm. Several dancers who attended the conference accepted commissions from DOCH to draw, write and speak about ideas that had been present there and have continued roaming since, occupying other times and places. Sarma is restaurant and bar where food, drink and music come together in a vibrant celebration of the good things in life. The publication and the event focuses on Steve Paxton’s early days (1958-1972), prior to the development of Contact Improvisation, thus offering a less visited perspective on Steve Paxton. After editions in Vienna (2008), Brussels (2011), Stockholm (2014), Reykjavik (2015) and Berlin (2016), the Poznan (2017) edition can now be found online as well. Great eastern european sarma recipe!! This good is to die for, the combinations are creative and delicious. Dramaturges and theoreticians Bojana Cvejic and Ana Vujanovic are Sarma´s writers in residence. interviews Lisa Nelson & Myriam Van Imschoot | editors Lisa Nelson, Myriam Van Imschoot & Tom Engels | dramaturgy Tom Engels | design & technical support Julien Bruneau | transcriptions Kevin Fay & Kristien Van den Brande | production Sarma | co-production Kaaitheater, STUK, Centre National de la Danse | made possible with the support of the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie. I Paused Halfway Up The Stairs is a curatorial project by Tom Engels and contains works and words by Simon Asencio, Alexander Baczynski-Jenkins, Lina Hermsdorf, Clare Molloy, Thomas Puisquelaloi, Marta Ziólek, a.o. October 24: Vrijstaat O, Oostende (BE) PRESENTATIONS 2015 Subscribe to receive intel on Boston’s best bites right in your inbox. Page Awesome food! Myriam Van Imschoot interviewed both artists around the turn of the millennium when she was investigating the role of improvisation in the New York avant-garde scene of the 1960s up until the European flaring interest in improvisation in the 1990s.

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