The latter issue took extensive personal time and expense to diagnose because none of Mitsubishi’s certified contractors could diagnose it. In the case of Mitsubishi hyper-heat systems, they are capable of providing you with 100% heating capacity at between 0° F and 5° F outdoor ambient, and up to 85% heating performance down to -13° F outdoor ambient. There's really no other way around it. Hyper-Heating H2I ® was designed by Mitsubishi specifically to keep your home comfortable while outside gets as low as -13° F. In fact, hyper heat models provide 100% of their rated capacity all the way down to 23° F. Meaning even if it's below freezing outside, your mini-split won't miss a beat heating … M-SERIES HIGH PERFORMANCE SYSTEMS MXZ H2i High Efficiency Heat Pumps | 12,600 - 48,000 Btu/h Capacity Range | 2-8 Zones Heat pumps are now a realistic option for any home, in any climate. Efficiency levels include efficiency ratings up to 26 SEER. Before we get into the advancement Mitsubishi made with their hyper heat systems, let's go over the basics of heat pumps. Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Single Split Heat Pump MSZ-FH18NA Features and Specifications: Even without their dramatically expanded heating range, the Mitsubishi Hyper Heat mini-splits are among the very finest, most technologically advanced and effective heat pumps on the market today, and quite affordably priced. Mitsubishi Electric high static inverter Ducted air conditioner 1 Phase PEA-M100GAA.TH Indoor - PUZ-ZM100VKA-A.TH R32 Backlit Controller R32 PEAM100GAAVKIT . With Hyper-Heat Inverter technology Zuba-Central provides evolutionary comfort for ducted homes year-round Zuba-Multi The advanced technology of Zuba-Multi connects up to 8 indoor units with individual zone comfort control. All hyper-heat systems are the best when it comes to heating performance. Designed for easy installation in ceiling or bulkhead spaces, ducted heat pumps are largely hidden from view, with only subtle grilles visible. Write a Review "Works as per specs, but for how long" 1.0 rating. Add to Wishlist | Add to Compare; Email to a Friend * 1st Indoor Unit * 2nd Indoor Unit * 3rd Indoor Unit * Required Fields. And, like the smaller units listed above, this Mitsubishi Hyper Heat mini-split comes as a complete kit, with the outdoor heat pump unit, the indoor air handler and a nice, easy to use remote control. When more people start to use solar as their form of energy, their electricity rate will decrease, making electric heat more and more appealing. Air at 0° F contains 85 percent of the heat of air at 70° F. Hyper-Heating H2I® was designed by Mitsubishi specifically to keep your home comfortable while outside gets as low as -13° F. In fact, hyper heat models provide 100% of their rated capacity all the way down to 23° F. Meaning even if it's below freezing outside, your mini-split won't miss a beat heating your home. Top Kichler Ceiling Fans: Our 2021 Review, DeLonghi TRH0715 Oil Filled Radiator Heater: Full Review 2021, DeLonghi TRD40615E Dragon Oil Filled Radiator Heater: Full Review 2021, Affiliate Disclosure: When you buy a product via our links, we sometimes earn a referral fee. In Maryland where our headquarters is, it doesn't get below 5°F degrees very often. HYPER-HEATING MULTI-ZONE SYSTEMS MXZ H2i® MULTI-ZONE SYSTEMS ©2014 MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC US, INC. MXZ-2C20/3C24/3C20NAHZ MXZ-4C36/5C42/8C48NAHZ. But this is not the only thing which makes Mitsubishi Hyper Heat heat pumps so special. The metal fan guard is more capable than plastic guards other heat pumps use to withstand colder temperatures. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. 1300 367 152. Be the first to review this product. Central air systems can be zoned to match the ductless systems, but it's usually much more expensive than a mini-split. They make wall-mounted, ceiling cassette, floor-ceiling mounted, and floor mounted units. Knowtheflo is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Fujitsu's Halcyon™ XLTH Low Temp Heating technology works a little differently. Vs $1300 for a DIY 3rd gen MRCOOL 23k btu with a 20 SEER 10 HSPF with a 5 year warranty. Whatever your situation or location, you can be assured that a Mitsubishi Hyper Heat single split heat pump will fully satisfy you all year long and that you will see dramatic savings in your utility bill. You’ll find detailed information about product performance. But, Mitsubishi isn't the only manufacturer to make the leap into extreme cold. According to the US Energy Information Administration, electricity rates have risen around 8% on average year over year. Slightly different, yes, because while this is also a heat pump it is not a window mount. $4,137.29. Granted, they are more popular and well known in warmer climates – in the United States, for example, they are more commonly seen in the southern states, and have not made much of inroads in colder, more severe climates – at least, not until now! Once it knows how much heat/cold it needs to meet that zones temperature requirements, the outdoor compressor (using inverter technology) delivers the exact heat/cold that zone needs. You're mini-split is reading your room individually, delivering exactly the right amount of heat, and using the exact amount of energy you need. The Fujitsu ASU9RLS3 has a standard 10 year warranty, but because Endless Energy is a highly trained Elite … While most traditional heat pumps aren't designed to handle extreme conditions & climates, Mitsubishi's Hyper-Heating H2i® can. With ductless systems, you're not turning on the furnace to heat or heat pump to cool your entire house. Hot air will always want to move from warmer to cooler spaces, and from more pressure to less pressure, and this law is an important part of how both the heat pump and the air conditioner work. The driver and passenger can control their own temperatures, which makes everyone in your car more comfortable. Flash injection helps increase the amount of the refrigerant circulating between the indoor and outdoor units. Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Single Split Heat Pump MSZ-FH15NA Features and Specifications: The final selection in our 2020 buyer’s guide and review of the best Mitsubishi mini-split heat pumps, the Mitsubishi MSZ-FH18NA is large and powerful enough that it can not only easily handle even quite large rooms, but can heat and cool a whole floor of a house, or even an entire smaller home. But when it does, you don't want to be left out in the cold. 2 3 Take full control of your monthly bills and comfort with room-by-room control - a more efficient way to cool and heat your home or business. Then all you need to do is contact a local contractor for installation. Operating Temperatures. Then you know the benefits of instant hot-start. It's more efficient (SEER Rating) while heating down to -13° F, and it's also energy star rated. Refrigerant flow is increased when refrigerant is bypassed to the compressor. There are 0 item(s) in your … Is ductless going to be your main source of heat? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Each ductless system is heating/cooling independently of each other. Ducted Central Heat Pump and Air Conditioning Systems are designed to provide whole home central heating or cooling at a constant temperature throughout the whole house. In our opinion, Fujitsu's system is a workaround, and Mitsubishi's is the real deal. Installation The install for a Mitsubishi Hyper Heat is the same as most other mini split packages. A normal heat pump will begin losing effectiveness even in fairly moderate cold temperatures, but a Mitsubishi will keep heating nicely when the temperature approaches, reaches and even plunges below freezing! What Makes Mitsubishi Electric A Unique & Viable Choice. There's one advantage that electricity has over other fuel sources - every other source of fuel can be converted to it. This Hyper Heat unit includes the outdoor unit, indoor air handler and a full-function remote control. Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Single Split Heat Pump MSZ-FH09NA Features and Specifications: The next selection in our 2020 buyer’s guide and review of the best Mitsubishi Hyper Heat heat pumps, the MSZ-FH12NA mini-split, puts out 12,000 BTU an hour of heat, and 13,600 BTU as an air conditioner, making it great for rooms from 450-550 square feet, or approximately 42-51 square meters. Now here’s the nifty part – a heat pump can reverse this process, and so is not just a great way to cool your home, but to heat it as well. The basic thing is that, again, that a Mitsubishi Hyper Heat heat pump will provide plenty of heat for your home in much colder climates and at much colder temperatures than previous heat pump technology allowed. Talk to an Expert 1-800-433-4822 Get Started Talk to an Expert 1-800-433-4822. ), the Hyper Heat heat pump will still work at an unbelievable 60% of its heating capacity – more heat, in fact, than many older central furnaces will provide, and enough to keep your space not just livable but nicely warm. And, of course, there’s that legendary Mitsubishi reliability. And, by using our links below, you can get significantly better prices on your Mitsubishi Hyper Heat heat pumps, rather than paying a dealer’s premium. Traditionally electricity rates have climbed over time. Meaning the technology you get in your home has two giant manufacturers standing behind it. There are a couple of questions we always ask before we recommend Hyper Heating. The compressed refrigerant condenses at high pressure and releases the absorbed heat in the opposite coil - heating the air that passes over it. Ductless Decisions – Fujitsu vs Mitsubishi Mini Split Heat Pump Review. One of these features includes the technology of the I-see sensor. We have included 4 different sizes of mini-splits in this 2020 Mitsubishi Hyper Heat mini-split review and buyer’s guide. Even though Mitsubishi designed and owns the technology, Fujitsu's Halcyon™ XLTH Low Temp Heating technology takes a play out of Mitsubishi's book. But as far as electricity goes, that's beginning to change. The main advancements and innovations include: The last item, the i-see sensor, allows the Mitsubishi Hyper Heat’s inside unit to “see” where people are in the room, using infrared technology, and make sure that the double-vane air handler gets cool or hot air where it needs to be. Each zone is set to the temperature you'd like, and your system ramps up or down to reach that zone's needs. This single zone approach also called a “single split” or “mini-split,” will save you money in heating bills, and can be significantly less expensive than installing, fixing or replacing a central HVAC system. I installed Mitsubishi hyper heat in my house 3 years and love them. I need 9 multi zone units. Understanding how a heat pump works also helps you understand how the Mitsubishi Hyper Heat works, and what makes it so different – and better. This is a real breakthrough in heat pump technology and makes this Mitsubishi heat pumps usable pretty much anywhere – where other heat pumps were really only at their best in milder climates, a Mitsubishi Hyper Heat can be used in almost any climate – even very cold ones. The Mitsubishi Hyper Heat system is rated to provide 100% heating capacity at between 0° Fahrenheit and 5° Fahrenheit outdoor ambient, and up to 85% heating down to -13° Fahrenheit outdoor ambient temperature. And the drainage holes let melted water (from snow and ice) to drain out of the unit. 1300 sq ft ranch in central PA. $9,000 quote for a 4 multi head 36k btu 19 Seer, 12 HSPF with a 12 year warranty . This hot refrigerant is moved outside, where a fan runs across it and blows the heat into the outside air. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for MSZFE12NA/MUZFE12NA - Mitsubishi Mr.Slim 12,000 BTU 23 SEER Heat Pump Hyper Heating Single Zone Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner at Mitsubishi Electric is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in the US. Warming the base allows the compressor to capture the warmers' heat, and doesn't allow condensation to freeze - which can damage your compressor. Introducing Mitsubishi Hyper-heating™ Heat Pumps—Your Ductless, High-efficiency, Year-round Solutions for Any Room, in Any Climate Today's winter climate is harsher than ever, and as the temperature keeps plunging year after year, your heating source's performance will determine how well you can achieve the comfort you need and how much energy you can save while staying cozy at home. Let's go over how each work: Mitsubishi's hyper-heating H2i® compressor motor signals that a burst of heat is needed when the temperature gets below 40°F. I wholly regret installing these. NSW; VIC; QLD; ACT; SA; WA; NT; TAS; Best Prices; Australian Discount Airconditioning Store; Shop Online 24/7;; 1300 367 152; Your Cart $ 0.00. Refrigerant either compresses or evaporates on coils in both units to heat or cool - whichever is called for. Once you turn your ductless unit on, it starts heating your room immediately. SEER Rating. Ceramic Space Heater vs Oil Filled Heater, Best Window Heat Pumps 2020/2021: Review and Comparison, Mitsubishi Single Zone ductless Mini Split Heat Pump, 33.1 SEER (-25C Hyper Heat) - 9,000 Btu/h Capacity- MSZ-FH09NA, Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Single Split Heat Pump MSZ-FH09NA, Mitsubishi Single Zone ductless Mini split Heat Pump, Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Single Split Heat Pump MSZ-FH12NA, Mitsubishi Single Zone ductless Mini split Heat Pump systems, Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Single Split Heat Pump MSZ-FH15NA, Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Single Split Heat Pump MSZ-FH18NA, A free-standing outside unit containing the main cooling/heating components, A wall-mounted inside unit with a smaller fan for distributing the cooled/heated air into your home, Inverter-Driven Compressor for Extreme Energy Savings, Triple Action Filtration: Nano-Platinum; Electrostatic; Deodorizing, Optimum Room Size: 400 Square Feet (~37 Square Meters), Warranty: 5 Years Parts; 7 Years Compressor, Optimum Room Size: 450-550 Square Feet (~42-51 Square Meters), Optimum Room Size: 700-1,000 Square Feet (~65-93 Square Meters), Optimum Room Size: 1,000-1,200 Square Feet (~93-111 Square Meters). Unlike central systems, each one turns on and off as needed. Even for its size, this large Mitsubishi heat pump is very quiet, with an ambient noise level inside of only 20 decibels, and it is just as energy efficient as its smaller siblings, with a SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating) of 33.1. Mitsubishi’s multi-zone systems include an outdoor unit with up to eight indoor air handlers. Considering this is your only source of heat, you want to be covered. The H2i® hyper heat systems use enhanced compressor systems to provide 76% of their capacity even when it's -13° F outside. This is thanks to the remarkable new H2i Hyper Heat inverter technology, with its enhanced and ultra-efficient compressor. Qty: Add to Cart. We should have installed smaller diameter ducted HVAC system. Our corporate statement, “Changes for the Better”, encapsulates all that we stand for, aspiring to a brighter future for society, industry and everyday life through innovation. Units can include Hyper Heat, a Hot Start feature that helps provide instant access to heat which is ideal in colder climates. And the Mitsubishi Hyper Heat is a brilliant performer in hot weather as well, providing the kind of strong cooling you would expect from the very best air conditioners. Home; Benefits. Saving you energy and customizing each room to your needs. Heat or cool your whole home with a central heating ducted heat pump system Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Heat Pump Systems are the ultimate solution for unobtrusive, whole home comfort. The next selection in our 2020 buyer’s guide and review of the best Mitsubishi Hyper Heat heat pumps, the MSZ-FH12NA mini-split, puts out 12,000 BTU an hour of heat, and 13,600 BTU as an air conditioner, making it great for rooms from 450-550 square feet, or approximately 42-51 square meters. But when you consider that Hyper Heat units will heat your home in even extremely cold climates and temperatures – conditions other heat pumps have never been able to handle – they become totally self-recommending. If you're in a climate where extreme low temperatures are common, Mitsubishi's FH hyper-heat technology is probably a good fit for you. Directly to your inbox. When the heat pump needs to absorb heat from the air, refrigerant is evaporated at low pressure on a heat exchanger coil. Mitsubishi Heat Pump Reviews. And with an additional source of heat, there's always additional cost. Recently, they’ve partnered with Trane (Ingersoll Rand’s brand) on ductless & variable refrigerant flow (VRF) heating and air conditioning systems in the US. Why Hyper-Heating Matters In regions with sub-zero weather, traditional heat pumps can’t bring in enough heat. But ductless systems take it one step further because they're individually "zoned." Hyper Heat technology, supporting enhanced comfort down to -13°F; 36,000 BTU. They have one headquarters in the US which is based in Georgia. Cooling & Heating Solutions from Mitsubishi Electric Comfort Efficiency Health. After the extra heat is absorbed, it's funneled to the back of the blower. The MrCool 24k BTU 20.5 SEER Olympus Hyper Heat Ductless Heat Pump maxes out heating performance for the most extreme winters without losing the benefits of cooling off your room in the warmer months. Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Single Split Heat Pump MSZ-FH12NA Features and Specifications: Including the outdoor heat pump, indoor air handler and a full-function remote control, the Mitsubishi MSZ-FH15NA Hyper Heat heat pump is designed for large rooms and spaces, with a strong 18,000 BTU heat output and 15,000 BTU cooling. We hope you have found our article – Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Mini-Split Heat Pumps – An In-Depth Buyer’s Guide – helpful, and that you will consult us again with all of your HVAC questions and decisions. In this way, your purchasing decision can simply be based on the size of rooms you need to be heated and cooled. Showing 1-5 of 20 reviews. Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split System Review. In cooling mode, a heat pump holds a refrigerant fluid and uses a fan to blow indoor air across the refrigerant tube. And like all heat pumps that use inverters, they deliver the precise amount of heat/cool air you need for your particular need. Capacity available ranges from 18,000 BTU which is equivalent to a 1.5 ton heat pump, to 54,000 BTU which is equivalent to a 4.5 ton heat pump. In fact, a Mitsubishi Hyper Heat will still maintain 60% of its heating capability in even extreme cold – at a brutal 13 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit), or 45 degrees below freezing (! Ductless systems are automatically zoned. Designed to deliver efficient heating as it can be controlled through MrCool’s forward-thinking smartphone app, Alexa, or Google Assistant, Olympus Hyper Heat ENERGY STAR rated … The only specialized tool I would need is a hole saw capable of drilling through concrete which I could rent for $50. Any heat that's still in the air, they're able to pull out better than any other compressor to date. Promotions, new products and sales. With previous experience working as an editor at a newspaper, I now help with content production and of course, test out few products myself! We compare and contrast the top models for Fujitsu (ASU9RLS3) and Mitsubishi (MSZ-FH09NA) utilizing four key product categories: Warranty. Mitsubishi MXZ Series Slim Jim Heat Pumps: This is the most popular heat pump series made by Mitsubishi. Then the cooled down refrigerant moves back outside to start the cycle over. Three have required call backs: one for a leaking condensate line that damaged our ceiling; one because the air handlers stopped receiving power; and one because the units made lots of noises. They offer a much cheaper and more eco-friendly climate control option to people in a much larger area – from the tropics to the coldest climes – and will also strongly appeal to anybody who has tried heat pumps in the past but just wasn’t fully satisfied with their heating capacity. Let's compare three systems side-by-side: The FH hyper-heating model outperforms both comparable 9,000 BTU systems in almost every category. In sub-zero temperatures, you want to make sure you're covered. Once that area is heated/cooled to the proper temperature, that zone deactivates - saving you energy. {"id":"", "email":"","default_address":null,"first_name":"","last_name":"","name":"" }, ° F contains 85 percent of the heat of air at 70, Mitsubishi WR 9,000 BTU 16 SEER Wall Mounted Heat Pump System, Mitsubishi GL 9,000 BTU 24.6 SEER High-Efficiency Wall Mounted Heat Pump System, Mitsubishi FH 9,000 BTU 30.5 SEER Hyper-Heat Wall Mounted Heat Pump System, inverter compressor matches the heat that's needed and. Read reviews of different mini-split heat pumps, ... for both ducted and ductless houses. … Traditional heat pumps have to catch up to the technological advancements of inverter-driven systems (which ductless systems are). Hey! Since they offer such effective climate control, not to mention real savings on your energy bill, we are always surprised that more people aren’t using heat pumps – indeed, a lot of people aren’t even familiar with them! 0. We've found a lot of times ductless or a central air system aren't too far off from each other. Ceiling fans are quickly becoming very popular items, as more and more people understand that a good ceiling fan can help make both home heating and home cooling much more, The DeLonghi TRH0715 oil-filled radiator is one of the least expensive radiant heaters the company makes, yet still offers that trademark beautiful styling and solid feeling construction that DeLonghi is, The TRD40615E Dragon oil-filled radiator is a premium full-room radiant heater from DeLonghi, and truly looks and feels like a high-quality product, with a solid construction, high material quality and, In case of questions please contact us at: hello @, COPYRIGHT 2021 © KNOWTHEFLO.COM | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Just determine the square footage of the room or rooms where you will install your new Mitsubishi, and select the corresponding unit or units from the below list. A heat pump works by using the heat/cold from one place and transferring it to another place. Are you in a climate that gets below 0°F on a regular basis. Hyper Heat is a new home heating system designed by Mitsubishi. I like to share my love for technology and all things tech-related. Fujitsu Ltd. is an owner in Fujitsu General, partnered with ETA-Ascon to manufacture and sell ductless a… It has an exceptional SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating) of 33.1, and is super quiet in operation, generating only 20 decibels of sound. Natural gas, on the other hand, has been decreasing on average. Multi-zone. We’ve reviewed Trane heat pumps here, Rheem heat pumps here and … We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. With Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heating INVERTER® (H2i) technology, our heat pumps can now provide exceptional heating performance and efficiency, even when it's as cold as -13° F outside. And they're still the #1 brand for ductless in the US. Hyper heat systems use electricity while traditional systems use a variety of fuel sources. If your mini-split isn't on a timer, it isn't running automatically to keep a set temperature, or you didn't get Kumo Cloud®, you're covered. Also with Mitsubishi's “flash injection” bypass circuit, you avoid the problem of decreasing amounts of refrigerant at sub-zero temperatures. All ductless systems work on inverter technology. All Mitsubishi heat pumps, including Hyper Heat – and indeed all Mitsubishi products, from the smallest consumer item to full-scale industrial machinery – also offer the quality and the legendary reliability the Mitsubishi name guarantees. You see, while a normal heat pump is meant to heat your home when the temperature outside is moderately cold, the Mitsubishi Hyper Heat heat pump will continue to provide heat when the temperature is well below zero!

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