Therefore do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath day. One study showed that nearly two-thirds of teen e-cigarette users thought that the pods they were vaping contained only flavoring. “We believe that nothing is beyond God’s power and that we can do all things through Christ,” Cordell said. Your generous support makes the work of MRM possible. “But there are ways that we can use our understanding of the gospel and the doctrines and the culture and the environment (of the Church) … to help us have healthier behaviors,” Cordell said. (For more on this and to see the teachings of LDS leaders on the Word of Wisdom, click here.). Such a person also goes into great detail about what they have seen; they are puffed up with idle notions by their unspiritual mind. Marijuana may be legal for medicinal or even recreational use in a lot of places now, but that doesn’t mean that any use is suddenly not against the Word of Wisdom. Imagine the rejoicing of retail establishments such as Starbucks and Beans and Brews throughout Utah, Idaho, Arizona and Wyoming if the current ban were ever to be lifted. A candidate for baptism or admittance to an LDS temple must agree to abide by the faith’s Word of Wisdom, a health code that bars the use of these substances. Many things, in moderation, can be justified, including a moderate intake of alcohol or coffee. This, he said, was the main reason why hot drinks were banned by God. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormon church, recently updated its guidelines on iced coffee and tea, as well as e-cigarettes. In a recent article in Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, John Ferguson, Jana Riess, and I share results from the 2016 Next Mormons Survey regarding observance of the Word of Wisdom among self-identified American Mormons. The Word of Wisdom doesn’t mention it”). 44. Some drinks have tea in them but don’t advertise that fact, so always check the ingredients. ... 2019 … Therefore do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath day. And what are the dangers of living an unintentional one instead? The "Word of Wisdom," which one must abide by in order to go to the temple, prevents members from using or consuming alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, coffee, tea, and "harmful substances. Health isn’t just about what people shouldn’t do, it’s also about what they can do. The Word of Wisdom in Mormon Scriptures According to Section 89 of The Doctrine and Covenants , 1 God revealed these guidelines to Joseph Smith on February 27, 1833. Education Week attendees listen and take notes during an Education Week devotional on Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2019. Inspired by the words of Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles during last week’s general conference, Elder Paul B. Pieper, General Authority Seventy, spoke during an LDS Business College devotional Oct. 15 about how the gospel can help each person live … “The nice thing is that we have the agency to choose what we do with those influencers,” he said. On February 27, 1833, the Lord revealed which foods should we eat and which substances … 20 Since you died with Christ to the elemental spiritual forces of this world, why, as though you still belonged to the world, do you submit to its rules: 21 “Do not handle! Second, there is the culture that comes from being part of a church and a faith community. After all, the risks in these drinks is probably much greater than iced tea. Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be for the young person visiting a coffee shop ask the barista, “Does ______ have coffee in it?”? However, in 2012 the church stated that caffeinated soda is not in violation of the Word of Wisdom. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints canonized the Word of Wisdom, essentially going all in on it. Doctrine and Covenants / Pearl of Great Price, Mormon Objections to Christian Evangelism, Teachings of the Presidents of the Church, Is there anything wrong with drinking sodas with caffeine in them? The community for those interested in faithful discussions related to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its members, known colloquially as "Mormons". The word coffee isn’t always in the name of coffee drinks. And just so we’re on the same page, here is that short “Official Church Statement” in its entirety: In another way, I think the overall rule is silly. Caffeine is not specifically mentioned as the reason not to drink these drinks. Where people are located and what people surround them, as well as factors like income and food availability, are going to have an impact on how people view their health, Cordell explained. During his presentation, Cordell broke down some of the key parts of each of these influencers and how they can be used to help members of the Church improve their physical health based on their understanding of the gospel and its role in their lives.

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