. =). Washed them, then again. This recipe worked amazing! I have a question about your recipe. I don’t need/use bleach very often at all, mainly just for towels. Seeing as I’m not really wanting to burn myself while doing laundry, and not really sure how this combination would affect my clothes in the long term, I scratched vinegar off the list. The 3:1 ratio is enough to get the job done, and keep costs down. Last Updated: January 12, 2021 140 Comments. How do you think this would rate as a disinfectant? And my recommendation to wash twice is only for heavily soiled items, which you might have to do with traditional bleach anyway. I even kept using it after my hands would get itchy and irritated after coming into contact with the bleach (I cringe just to think about that). that might have taken up residence in my husband’s socks. Homemade Bleach Alternative – 1 ½ cup 3% hydrogen peroxide – ½ cup white vinegar or lemon juice – Pure water to fill gallon jug – 10 drops lemon or lemongrass essential oils (optional/omit if using lemon juice). I have been looking to DIY the oxygen cleaner, though, because store bought oxygen cleaner also has chemicals in it I would rather not use. This got it out in two washes! -MG. If you leave it on long enough, it might. https://myheavenlyrecipes.com/homemade-cleaner-with-essential-oils 10 drops lemon oil. . I thought essential oils and water don’t mix but obviously this combo works for you. After trying a few different things, the best black mold killer in grout I’ve found so far is Borax. I also haven’t tried it without the essential oil. Could this be used as a healthier alternative? Thanks Tiffany! I have a purple throw, but wish to naturally bleach it to be white or whiter. I absolutely love this stuff because my white linens look so fresh and new again and I know I’m not sleeping on anything that’s going to irritate my skin or my babies skin. If you have it on hand, go ahead and use it. Homemade Bleach Alternative recipe that uses all natural ingredients found in your home and costs 1/3 less than store-bought. The jug is 1 1/4 gallon size. , Ok, thanks, was just wondering about a measurement, but I’ll figure it out. I have been reading that one should NEVER mix chlorine with anything acidic like lemon juice or vinegar and also never with hydrogen peroxide. Sorry if that is a silly question! I just like keeping it on hand for emergencies, such as this Covid-19 thing, and I am using it diluted in spray bottles, 1 part to 15 parts water, as is recommended on the CDC website. I’m not sure Natalie. GREAT idea reusing the kitty litter jug! A triple whammy in my book and in this season of life, I’m kind of ready to find a better, more natural alternative anyway. I’m in UK but looking at what you linked to as well. I have tried turning the machine off than it empties the water does anyone have a solution. It will open and release the softener into the rinse cycle and so it is not mixed directly with the peroxide in the wash cycle. Same brand name too. Good question! I also only use bleach on my husband’s socks so I’m hoping for an alternative! My question is how do you store this – glass or plastic? Thanks for this! Thanks so much! is this bleach recipe only for laundry or can i use it in the kitchen as well? I used to have to do that for one of my kids before disposable diapers. Lydia – it’s optional, but lemon essential oil does have whitening properties. I’m curious though too….do you have to use the essential oil? Love the scent of lemons? . I don’t have lemons or lemon juice on me, though I do have lemon EO. Essential oils are one of the easiest ways to ‘Go Green’ in your household. I fill a downy ball up to the top and place it on top of the clothes at the wash cycle. I haven’t tested this myself Jenny, so I can’t say for sure.

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