Italian made Concert Pedal Harp body is made of maple. Three or Four Transducer Array, Sound System ( For acoustic, or hollow-body electric harps only) I can build all my many different harp sizes and styles to be electric acoustic harps, by using a multi transducer array, that is attached to the inside of the harp soundboard.Using three or four carefully placed piezo pickup elements, this system achieves a clean, focused, natural, and lush sound. This is why, to this day, Camac’s electric and electroacoustic range is called the Blue Harps. The Silhouette is an electric lever harp with a sleek and innovative design, which allows for both stationary and mobile performances. 29" tall, 23 string, 3 octaves, plus 1.… N.S.M. The response to performance harpists' demands for amplied sound equal in clarity and quality to acoustic harps. Since the cost of a pedal harp is so high, it is more economical for a harpist to purchase an electro-acoustic model of pedal harp, as it can also be played without amplification. Used Pedal Harps Used Lever Harps Harp Accessories Virginia Harp Center Virginia Showroom 14356 Sommerville Court Midlothian, VA 23113 804-378-3761 Tuesday-Friday: 10am-5pm Saturday: 10am-3pm Lighter weight. Lever Harps Electric Harps. }); By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Standard Wires; Tarnish Resistant Wire; Atlanta Harp Center Nylon; Premier Harp Strings. A good, big lever harp weighs half or less of what a pedal harp weighs. Find out more at S.p.a. – P.I. The Enchanted Harp offers many different harps for sale ranging from concert grand pedal harps to Celtic, lever style, providing both brand new instruments and harp consignments. 06 Mar 2021. 21 Jan 2021. Certain areas are laminated with maple and beech for added strength. Electroacoustic harps are a blend of electric and acoustic, with the option of using an amplifier or playing the harp just like a normal pedal harp. It’s a sizeable sized harp featuring brilliant pedal mechanisms for making key changes. My large pedal harp is perfect for your wedding ceremony, and is Electric and will be heard from a far distance. It was particularly unmissable because it was bright blue! Find more information on setting a contactless or in-person appointment… The range for pedal harps for private use in your home is generally $195 to $395 per month rent. The range for lever harps is generally $45-$125 per month. function loadQuickView() { Each Camac instrument is a unique link in a long chain of savoir-faire, research and passion. The Harp Connection is a regional harp center located in Rowley, Massachusetts. // var xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); Single-action pedal harps were introduced in the 1700s and improved upon by the double-action pedal harp in the 1800s, with advancements throughout the early twentieth century. $("body").ready(function() {acceptCookieUsage();}), All prices are in USD. It is ideal for Jazz, Pop, Spiritual, New Age. The preamp volume, treble, mid-range and bass equalization can be adjusted with four easily located slide controls. Alexandra Bidi was born in 2002 in New York City. var BCData = {"csrf_token":"b80398457cdde98db1b5cd44e23761ade08ad4ba2ae3292ba7a48eb359fb954d"}; Our 2021 concert agenda is off to a fascinating start. loadQuickView(); She began her harp studies at . We express our creativity through a great range of instruments, serving an equally rich variety of artistic directions.

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