The Leader (Chinese: 领风者; pinyin: Lǐng fēng zhě) is a 2019 Chinese animated web series[a] based on the life of German intellectual Karl Marx. Throne of Elves by Song Yuefeng (2016) Throne of Elves is a 2016 Chinese animated adventure romance film directed by Song Yuefeng. The Beijing author also said that it was a way to adapt propaganda to the social-media era, since "conventional propaganda methods are too old-fashioned". [1], Two pieces of Deutschlandfunk Kultur commented that Marx looked like a 19th-century hipster in the series. Updated 1:46 AM EST, Fri January 25, 2019 Posters promoting the new Karl Marx anime, "The Leader." Browse the highest-ranked anime on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. original animated TV series or [7] In a press release, Marx was described as "a great man standing upright between heaven and earth, whose ideological system established through his entire life awakened all sleeping proletariat across the world and deeply influenced the historical development of the world". N/A. The Longest Day in Chang’An (Historical) Available online at Amazon Prime and Viki. 2 films in TOP 20. The phenomenal sensation brought by "Monkey King: Hero is Back" in 2015 has whetted the Chinese audience's appetite for a solid "Chinese story," while the megahit "Ne Zha" this year is fueling further explorations of local traditional IPs. The translated parts include "Diese Comic-Serie lässt Marx äußerst sympathisch erscheinen"; "In unseren Köpfen ist Marx immer das Bild an der Wand"; "Dieses Image ist nicht so wahnsinnig beliebt. More From The Verge Verge Deals For Chinese historical dramas, it’s incontestable that The Longest Day in Chang’An is the best this year. [4][7] A production team to develop The Leader web series and related merchandisesuch as emoji, stage plays and theme songs was formed in 2016. [9] Other scholars of Marxism were involved in the scripting, with the production team focused on accuracy rather than storytelling. It is loosely based on the novel "Investiture of the Gods" and the latest exhibit in a long-running trend of using Intellectual Property (IP) in China's animation industry. [1] After the premiere, 355,000 Bilibili users requested notifications of upcoming episodes. A complete list of Animation movies in 2019. The Difference Between the Democritean and Epicurean Philosophy of Nature, The Condition of the Working Class in England, A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy, Social Democratic Workers' Party of Germany, "China's dreamy Karl Marx anime is a hit", "Das Kartoon: Romance meets propaganda in China's Marx anime", "China's Bilibili Streaming Service Announces Original Karl Marx Web Anime", "China's Bilibili Announces First-Ever Karl Marx Anime", "Romantic Karl Marx anime targets new generation of Chinese communists", "China produces Karl Marx cartoon series to mark 200th anniversary of his birth", "China To Produce Karl Marx Anime Series", "Comic books to be used to popularize Karl Marx in China", "Beijing woos millennials with cartoon Marx", "China is celebrating Karl Marx's 200th birthday with an animated series", "Anime Series on Karl Marx Debuts to Mixed Reviews", "New Chinese comic shows Karl Marx as a romantic, teenage rebel", "Revelan el primer adelanto del anime sobre Karl Marx", "Chinese government commissions animation series on Karl Marx", "Mancava solo lui: un anime su Karl Marx verrà prodotto in Cina", "China lanzará serie de anime sobre la vida de Karl Marx", "Gobierno de China prepara anime sobre Karl Marx", "China lanzará una serie de 'anime' sobre la vida de Karl Marx", "Karl Marx: revelan adelanto del anime que narrará su vida", "China lanzará una serie de anime sobre la vida de Karl Marx", "China's first animation commemorates Karl Marx", "China lanzará una serie de 'anime' para contar la vida de Karl Marx", "China to launch animation series on Marx's life", "Chinese internet users say Karl Marx's anime version is too handsome", "China wants to make the Communist Party 'cool' again with digital propaganda, but is it working? The "Kung Fu Panda" trilogy might be the most popular China-centric animation, but the franchise is a U.S. IP created by DreamWorks Animation. Chen concluded, "The ultimate goal is to make them recognize the party's official ideology and its legitimacy to rule". Hide Ads Login Sign Up ... Aug 2019 - Sep 2019 50,226 members 8.42. But its exceptional performance is a breakaway success for foreign IP adaptations in the country. Watch anime online in English for free on gogoanime. Doraemon (2005) is the most recent anime series based on Fujiko Fujio's manga of the same name. [6], The production of a Marx series by the Chinese government was primarily thought to be a propagandistic attempt to convey its ideology to future generations. Here is a … Similar attempts followed but the feat of the 2015 film was hard to duplicate. [3] Bilibili users complained that the series was poorer in quality than Japanese anime,[1] with some users comparing it to a PowerPoint presentation. based on a folktale, "Tale of The Rally" His affiliation with, and leaving of, the Young Hegelians and his work on the newspaper Rheinische Zeitung are portrayed. This is a great chance for those who are really like interesting and looking for the amazing and best Chinese movies. The Leader revolves around the life of German intellectual Karl Marx, focusing on his political and economic theories, his romance with Jenny von Westphalen, and his friendship with Friedrich Engels. Interactive Designer: Li Yixiao. Project Manager: Si Nan. If you're looking for a great anime … Best Superhero Anime: My Hero Academia. And in case you're wondering what Rakshasa Street anime is about, it centers on a place called the Requiem Street wherein evil spirits are attracted to. Super Wings is an animation series co-produced by South Korea, China, and the United States! [7] Marx's handwriting was noted as much neater than it was in reality. Netflix has added to its growing animation offer, acquiring Chinese animated series Scissor Seven. Vasoon Animation is back to bring Kuiba 4, the fourth installment of the Kuiba donghua film series as part of Tencent Video Animation Chinese anime… Chinese Anime Donghua Reviews Swallowed Star Is A Must-Watch Sci-Fi Donghua from 2020 Hence, Today, we decided to bring you a list of the best Isekai anime with op mc that you can enjoy! [11][46] One of the articles also contained commentary from a Beijing-based "critical author" identified as Chen. Hundreds of Chinese dramas are released every year both online and through television broadcasting. The series follows the mysterious death of a King and development of a strange plague and will stream globally on January 25th, 2019. Managing Director: Zhang Shilei. They are must-watches if you are a C-drama lover. The smashing success of "Monkey King: Hero is Back" brought to the fore the potential of traditional IP adaptations. For Chinese historical dramas, it’s incontestable that The Longest Day in Chang’An is the best this year. The drama is ... a bit better than the Chinese one. ... Not only are there animated shows that both kids and adults can enjoy together, but there are animated TV series specifically aimed at adults - … 2019’s crop of web series and televised dramas came out fairly strong! Data is limited to Chinese animated films (including co-productions) released in the Chinese Mainland from October 1949 to August 2019. The most profitable animal character in China is the [7] It was scheduled to begin streaming on January 28, 2019;[6] that day, the first two episodes were released on the platform. What is Anime-Planet? Legend of Fei. Do you like watching boys love each other? [9][16] The series resumed after forty-two chapters, all of which are available on the Bilibili website. Swing to the Sky. The Best 10 Isekai Anime with OP MC You Need To Watch isekai Anime Series are those Anime shows that focus on people getting sucked into a medieval, fantasy, or simply another world. Watch latest episode of anime for free. Eternal Love of Dream. 1. the second highest-grossing film in the Chinese Mainland by August 31. Disney's "Mulan" is adapted from the poem "The Ballad of Mulan" and the "Dragon Ball" franchise is inspired by "Journey to the West.". Ok fine, This is Best Chinese Movies Netflix like: The Wandering Earth, Animal World, Ip Man 3 & More. and Son" 66. Season 1 premieres in spring 2019 on Yle in Finland and Sky in UK. Below are the two best Chinese dramas of this year. 16065310-3. 64. 2 films in TOP 20, * Films adapted from traditional Chinese IP. The Comedy Central animated series celebrated its 300th episode this week with a direct attack at China. [14] The following episodes were released weekly on Bilibili, and the final episode was released on March 4, 2019. Run with the WindEarly on, Run with the Wind feels like it’s writing a check it has no chance of being … He also turns down, This page was last edited on 13 January 2021, at 16:06. [5], When the series was announced, Rosemarie Ho of The Outline and Lorenzo Fanzoni of Esquire noted the depiction of Marx and Engels' friendship and its relationship to yaoi (male homosexual-themed anime). Doraemon (2005) is the most recent anime series based on Fujiko Fujio's manga of the same name. Doraemon is a cat-like robot who appears in the present to steer Nobita/Noby, who is a dumb, naive and clumsy boy on the right path in order to secure his future. Copy Editor: Nadim Diab. In the original, Chen is described as "ein kritischer Autor aus Peking, der sich Chen nennt". adapted from Its German setting was sinonizated, and the characters were designed according to the "aesthetic preferences of young people" (described as realism). They dance together, and Marx says that he intends to go to the, Marx and Jenny move to Paris after their marriage, and Marx writes articles for the, As working conditions deteriorate, a variety of socialist philosophies emerge. ... America needs to stop Chinese Infiltration October 10, 2019 7:06 pm Multimedia Producers: Xu Jiye, Zhou Rui. Supervisor: Jiang Heping. In 2019, China was able to produce a record-breaking Chinese animation project which is NeZha – the highest-grossing animated movies from the Eastern hemisphere even surpassing Japan’s Spirited Away and Your Name. The truth is that most anime isn't for kids, as evidenced by all the TV-14, TV-MA, and R ratings on this list. As a result, here are the Top 10 Chinese Source Anime. Chinese Drama - 2019, 44 episodes. [2], The series reflects government officials' belief that rigid political lectures are unattractive to a generation with easy access to a booming entertainment market. "The Magic Shows on this list are based on the series / season of that series ending in 2019. Season 1 premieres in spring 2019 on Yle in Finland and Sky in UK. Just a note for this diving into this article.In this list, we are referring to anime that have a Chinese source such as a Chinese light novel, a Chinese Manhua, or an online series. Disclaimer: All movie posters and animation characters are copyright to their respective owners. It is a sure delight for everyone, as it is really entertaining while dealing with some serious questions we often ask ourselves on the bumpy road to happiness. The multilingual and multicultural team behind this show has created this program to take kids around the world with the show’s main character Jett, a plane that delivers packages to children around the world. Copywriter: Wu Lushi. 12 are adapted from TV animations. I … [40], The first episode of The Leader was watched more than 2.8 million times on its release day,[14] and Inkstone News called it a "hit". based on a fairy tale, "Alibaba and The Thief" List of the latest Chinese TV series in 2021 on tv and the best Chinese TV series of 2020 & the 2010's. Films must be over 40 minutes long and have animation in at least 75 percent of their running time, or have at least 40 minutes of animation in total. Chinese Drama - 2020, 56 episodes. adapted from adapted from The Best Chinese Drama of 2019. from classic literature and mythology are also more likely to become blockbusters. Chinese Drama - 2018, 24 episodes. Directed by Yu Yang. Beijing ICP prepared NO. 65. [4][7] The series was conceived as part of the Chinese government's celebration of the 200th anniversary of Marx's birth. 62. Marx's exiles and ideological feuds with Ludwig Feuerbach, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, and others are also shown. After the speech, Jenny invites Marx to a ball. The series' announcement attracted international interest, and its promotional video had over 200,000 views on its release day. [14] On the Chinese social networking website Douban, users rated it two out of five. We suggest one of the options below: Data sources: Douban ( and ChinaBoxOffice ( Although it was criticized for poor animation, propagandism and its depiction of Marx, it has sparked a discussion on Marxism and labor rights in China. Enjoy watching the copyrighted content anywhere, anytime! bear, with the "Boonie Bears" franchise raking in 274 million U.S. dollars since 1949. Doraemon is a cat-like robot who appears in the present to steer Nobita/Noby, who is a dumb, naive and clumsy boy on the right path in order to secure his future. The series was supported by an amazing crowdsourced Indiegogo campaign and you can find all the supporters here. He criticized the series because it "makes Marx seem extremely sympathetic". franchise The Mandalorian (2019– ) [d] As the series continued, so did international interest. Initially you would think that the series is mainly about cooking with fighting mixed in. This project does not support this browser. Anime has a reputation for being kid stuff, because of the connection between animation and kids cartoons in the West. Create lists for what you've seen & read, watch over 40,000 legal streaming episodes online, and meet other anime fans just like you. adapted from "Journey to the West", "The Monkey King Conquers the Demon" Menu. [46], According to Chinese youth culture and media researcher Jeroen de Kloet of the University of Amsterdam, there was too much dialogue and too few scenes to "humanize" Marx: "It's the government lecturing young people on what Marxism is about". 2019 Animation movies, movie release dates. Also known as Rakshasa Street, Zhen Hun Jie is an action and supernatural-themed Chinese anime that premiered in 2016. Released in July 2019, the animation fantasy adventure film grossed over $729 million, and it is undoubtedly one of the largest commercial successes in the history of animation and Chinese cinema, setting numerous box office records. This 2019 series is often mentioned as one of the best Chinese dramas on Netflix. [41] By February 2019, the series was reportedly streamed over 5.5 million times on Bilibili. Films adapted It's tropey but fun. The most adapted IP genre in Chinese animated films is [12] Mercedes Millingan of Animation Magazine felt that the production was in line with the growing popularity of socialism and communism among the young, and "it was only a matter of time before this trend made inroads in animation". Since 2013, foreign IPs became popular in Chinese IP films. Find the top TV series, movies, and OVAs right here! It was primarily considered propaganda by the media, with viewers noting Marx's good looks. Well, there is a lot more fighting than you would expect. [39] Comments were posted on Bilibili by viewers who inferred a homosexual relationship between Marx and Engels. The new animation series will be made using state-of-the-art 3D CGI to introduce Moomin to a new generation – and to screens in a way never seen before. adapted from "Journey to the West", "Lotus Lantern" Two seasons of the hit Chinese animation series ... Jan 16, 2019 11:18pm PT. The series ends with his death, and the worldwide impact of his ideas. Create lists for what you've seen & read, watch over 40,000 legal streaming episodes online, and meet other anime fans just like you. It also jointly created an animated movie with a Japanese company. The 2019 hit Chinese animation Nezha (Source: Douban) Ne Zha is China’s first 3D-animated film released in IMAX format. 5 films in TOP 20, "New Happy Dad Commissioned by the Communist Party of China's Marxism office, a production team was formed in 2016 which included propaganda departments, scholars of Marxism, and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The series tells of Miki Onimaru, a poster girl who works for her mother’s Chinese food restaurant. The story was liberally adapted from a short sequence in the popular Chinese folk tale Journey to the West. Anime má přiblížit komunistického myslitele mladým Číňanům", "Geschichten für die anspruchsvolle "Generation Z, "Das Kartoon: Propaganda meets romance in Chinese Marx anime", "China seeks to make Karl Marx appealing to the youth", "Romance meets propaganda in China's Marx anime", "Feature: Romance blended with propaganda in China's Marx anime", "Karl Marx back from the grave to animate debate in China", "China's selective version of Marxist theory is a puzzle",, Articles containing simplified Chinese-language text, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, The episode begins with Karl Marx's funeral and flashes back to Trier High School, where he is giving his graduation speech. 1. Stars: Scott Whyte, Nolan North, Matthew Yang King, Chris Cox. [5] He was also characterized as "an ordinary man of flesh and blood", whose love for Jenny and friendship with Engels "became legendary".[5]. If you enjoyed this video the be sure to like, share and subscribe, just doing so helps this channel grow! Doraemon (2005) is the most recent anime series based on Fujiko Fujio's manga of the same name. Big Wolf" The seven-episode series was created to attract young people to Marxism, and it was streamed weekly on Bilibili between January 28, and March 4, 2019. Start watching it … Best Anime Series of 2019: Mob Psycho 100 II The shy, most powerful psychic Mob and his charming scam artist mentor, Reigen, return for an incredible second season of … It's not surprising that non-traditional IP films do relatively better since they benefit from the brand recognition of the IP and its existing audience base. by babybabylon00 | created - 12 Dec 2018 | updated - 1 month ago | Public Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc [6][9] Written by Zhong Jun, it has been published by Zhejiang Juvenile and Children's Publishing House since January 2019. 5 films in TOP 20, "Pleasant Goat and Big Romantic Karl Marx anime targets new generation of Chinese communists. This is a rather unorthodox anime to say the least. The Legend of Qin (秦时明月) is based on Shen Leping’s animation series Qin Moon, which was adapted from the novel of the same name. The plot is complex and the synopsis does not do the story justice. IT is for sure a very interesting, touching, and often surprising show. Let's watch popular movies, TV series and anime from China, Thailand, Korea and Japan with translation and dubbing together! While the Marxes are grieving the death of their children Guido and Franziska, another son (Edgar) dies. A new year means new Chinese dramas to look forward to, ... A genius 19-year-old student who's also a famous anime cosplayer and a great ... this is one of the most anticipated rom-coms of 2019! 4. [2], On December 18, 2018, the streaming platform Bilibili released a trailer and announced on the Sina Weibo social-media site that it would soon stream the series. "The Monkey King" [13] Marx was treated as "an ordinary person" by the producers, who tried to depict him as a real person rather than a "legendary god". [3] The Jasic Incident, a labor-rights conflict involving Peking University Marxist Society students which school authorities tried to suppress, was cited ironically by users when Marx is threatened by his university in the series. Hikaru no Go is one of those few and is based on the ancient Chinese board game of Go.. To continue using this page, you will need to use an alternative browser. Backkom Bear: Agent 008 is a 2017 Chinese animated adventure comedy family film directed by Li Qingfang, based on the Backkom animated series. [138] 2019 is the first year when 3 animated films surpassed $1 billion. A webcomicversion was produced by Zhong Jun, the series' chief scriptwriter. Officially "中央馬克思主義理論研究和建設工程辦公室", it is translated in several ways; some sources call it the "Project to Study and Develop the Marxist Theory", Among those who wrote about it in December 2018, were: American business publication, Among those who wrote independently about it between January and March 2019 were: Czech broadcaster. 5 films in TOP 20, "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" franchise So here's a list of MUST WATCH Chinese anime. The Legend of Qin (秦时明月) is based on Shen Leping’s animation series Qin Moon, which was adapted from the novel of the same name. They are must-watches if you are a C-drama lover. Films adapted from modern IP present a steadier box office performance in general than their traditional counterparts. The series was announced in 2018 by the streaming service Bilibili as part of the celebration of the 200th anniversary of Marx's birth. Just a note for this diving into this article.In this list, we are referring to anime that have a Chinese source such as a Chinese light novel, a Chinese Manhua, or an online series. As we wrap up 2019, let’s take a look the 10 Best Chinese Movies of 2019. Data is limited to Chinese animated films (including co-productions) released in the Chinese Mainland from October 1949 to August 2019. Ranging from comedies to animations, and action movies to deep dramas, these best Chinese movies have not only won the hearts and minds of the Chinese people, but also many viewers around the world. This funny and heart-warming series is based on the novel with the same title by Zhao Qianqian. Data Editors & Visualization: Zhang Yujia, Li Yixiao, Zhou Rui, Duan Huiran (Intern). Here we have anime like Doukyuusei, Super Lovers, and Tight Rope for your eyes only! The upcoming sequel to China's biggest film release of 2019 — fantasy animation Ne Zha — is heading ... the second in a series of planned films from ... shortly after its Chinese rollout. *Note: Rankings of Chinese animated film box office in Chinese Mainland. [3] Christina Xu, a researcher of Chinese Internet culture, called the series "part of the push for soft power" by the Chinese government. [46] Sutirtho Patranobis of Hindustan Times agreed, saying that it "is an effort to make the ideologue accessible and popular among teenagers in the country". 63. The series depicts Marx's life from his graduation from Trier High School in 1835 to his college years, where his philosophy changes from Kantianism to Hegelianism. ", "China's Young Marx Anime Sparks Philosophical Debate, Criticism, and Gay Fan-Fiction", "China Teaches Its Youth About Marxism With New Karl Marx Anime", "Romance e propaganda disputam espaço em anime chinês sobre Karl Marx", "Karl Marx, héros d'un dessin animé de propagande en Chine", "Karel Marx jako švarný teenager. Anime series based on trading card games and vice-versa are pretty common with series like Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!, but there are few based on things like board games. Founded in 2001 as the first anime & manga recommendation database. The most recent episode of the Comedy Central animated series “South Park” has been scrubbed from the internet in China because of its critique … Top 20 Best Chinese Anime Series as of 2020 to Watch. "Boonie Bears" [15], A comic-book version (manhua) with the same name was created as a spin-off of the series by the production team. adapted from "The Magic Lotus Lantern", "The New Pinocchio" Posted: 25 Mar 2019 4:46 pm. A webcomic version was produced by Zhong Jun, the series' chief scriptwriter. For inquiries please contact cartoon shows. [17], The announcement of an animated series based on the young Karl Marx attracted international media interest. Interactive Developers: Duan Huiran (Intern), Bi Jiankun. Ruth on June 13, 2019: Thank you for making this list! franchise [3][57] Tom Hancock of the Financial Times found the depiction of Marx clashing with government censors, praising worker uprisings and demanding the abolition of private property surprising, since the Chinese government plays down the concept of class struggle in its official policy.[57]. [1] Zhuo Sina, a member of The Leader staff, said that although voluminous literature exists about Marx, none of it is "in a format that young people can accept". Conquers the Demon" Wan Laiming pioneered the Chinese animation industry, and became China’s first animator. Below are the two best Chinese dramas of this year. [8][10], The series' chief scriptwriter was Zhong Jun, deputy director of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee Propaganda Department[11] and a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. [1] The target audience influenced the series' theme song, design, and plot. Frozen II set the record as the biggest opening weekend for an animated with $350.2 million worldwide. Votes: 95,087. The 3rd installment, however, is a co-production between China and the U.S. and the most successful foreign IP adaptation, having hauled in 140 million U.S. dollars. When Marx is researching in the, At the First International, some say that Marx should be its leader but he declines. The Best Chinese Animation Movies and Series. [3] Shanghai-based political scientist Chen Daoyin said that The Leader was "an effective way" for the Chinese government to educate a new generation about its version of Marxism since young people "will be more willing to accept Marxism if they get to know Marx as a person first". China’s ‘Boonie Bears’ Reach Korea With Animated Series and Movie By Patrick Frater. "Monkey King: "[3] Its production conformed with the Chinese Communist Party general secretary Xi Jinping's demand for people to remember China's socialist past while pursuing the "great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation"[12] and his belief that they should be familiar with Marx,[7] whom he called the "greatest thinker in human history". This does not infer that the anime listed here are all Chinese … [16], The series has opened a space for discussion of Marxism and labor rights in China. Visually interesting character designs … No.3, "White Snake" This series puts an interesting and entertaining spin on the game as it follows middle schooler Hikaru as he enters the world of … Chinese anime uses Japanese animation elements but adds its own cultural meanings and folklore to create something completely unique. Before 2000, domestic IPs, mainly works of literature, inspired big-screen animations in China. The 20 Best Chinese Anime Animation Series you Should Know About! available on Netflix. As a result, here are the Top 10 Chinese Source Anime. These IPs are mostly Anime series based on trading card games and vice-versa are pretty common with series like Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!, but there are few based on things like board games. Born with unique powers, a boy is recruited to fight demons and save the community that fears him. [e], Shanghai-based newspaper Sixth Tone reported that although the December trailer "generated buzz", the series' debut had a mixed response from Chinese viewers "who have paid more attention to Marx's high cheekbones and good looks than his theories". [5] Its promotional video was watched 211,000 times on Bilibili and over 41,000 times on Twitter within the first 24 hours of release, and 37,000 users were following the series page for notifications of new episodes. Hero is Back" The most adapted Chinese IP is "Journey to the West" which has been adapted 11 times in 13 films since 1949.

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