seems to be working. If you are experiencing an issue with the Launcher updating The Elder Scrolls: Legends, follow the process below: Ensure the Launcher is not running. Windows XP SP2, Sp3 - didn't work for me. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a repeating error, though it's working for me right now. I'got message: "Executable file is missing". Click the Compatibility tab. Creation kit installed and launched Skyrim before. If is down for you then please visit our troubleshooting section to try to diagnose and resolve the problem. We have tried accessing the website using our servers and everything thing seems to working fine for us. this as far as i know is for people who have had these crashed recently for (skyrim,fallout etc) that the launcher keeps crashing for no real reason Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\ Launcher; Locate the executables called "BethesdaNetLauncher" and "BethesdasNetUpdater.exe" Right-click these and go to Properties. If it doesn't work, keep the files and let us know what happens when you open the new launcher… Bethesda launcher won't launch properly. If so, you may delete the Launcher.old folder and you can continue to access the game from the new launcher. If you are experiencing an issue where the website is not loading on your browser, proceed with the following troubleshooting steps: Clear your browser's cookies and cache. May 25, 2019 @ 12:35pm Same issue here. Game didn't want to run at all. I can only offer the advice to just keep trying, you'll get through eventually. The servers must've been overloaded, there's a thread about it by Scarecrow somewhere, not far probably. I've looked online and found no fix, but other people seem to have the problem. Check the Run this program as … I had this as well as did many others, but it worked eventually. Question. I've tried to open the Bethesda launcher but all that pops up is a black square and it never loads. Labargoth. Reset your browser settings It got reinstalled in the same place I think. :) 2 comments. I'm not to good with computers but if anyone could help me fix this that would be great. run skyrim from the default launcher, then the creation kit will work #2. Both are on the same hard drive. When I check the Task Manager, it says that ESO.exe is running, but there is no window. Try running the launcher from this location and let us know if it helps. In short words: Try to launch Bethesda launcher with Compatibility Mode (sic!). Did you install Skyrim without running it first? Doesn't launch. You can check by pressing [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Shift], navigating to the Processes tab, finding Launcher and selecting End Process. Vista SP2 - works for me, Launcher is fine but first time it asked to instal the game instead of run it. I suppoesed mods caused this error, so I uninstalled all of them but it didn't work out. IMO. Disable any Adblock extensions to see if that is blocking the website from loading. Try. Bethesda will not be working on new games for PS5 that weren't contracted prior. Try a different browser. Restart your device. I can open the ESO launcher from Steam just fine, but when I click the blue play button, it greys out (like the game is about to start) and the game does not launch. I have just bought this game (with Heartfire and Downguard and downloaded Hi-Res Texture Pack) and yet before first launch I subscribed a couple of mods - mostly graphic enhanced.

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