Update My Maps Access to the most current maps will allow you to use your navigation system more conveniently and accurately. I somehow managed to get out of the Update mode but now I have a firmware 2.15.5WL but with map from year 20110321 (which theorytically is not possible). How can Toyota think that previous software that worked well, be replaced with fancy upgrades that are hopelessly inadequate. Did you have any progress regarding the endless syncing issue? It is showing speed limits in kph although I have set the units to miles and gallons. How to update Toyota Touch 2 with Go Maps – https://youtu.be/EElCJkkYmX0 Still doesn’t play MP3 music reliably from the 32GB USB stick I used in my 2014 model. I note the latest version in My Toyota is 6.9.0L, from Spring 2017. Can I assume that the update will be loaded and ready to go on delivery ? Do, however, ensure the ignition is left on to ensure the Touch 2 with Go unit stays on and the update is allowed to complete. Many thanks. Hi Steve, 1. This can be difficult because deleting this manually takes some knowledge related to Windows internal functioning. We’d advise going to your local dealer as they would be in the best position to help. For sure it’s not the fastest one out there.. but it can manage it. Thank you for your post. Hi Pablo, Some computer users choose to erase it. We’ll come back to you when we hear back from our technical team. Great news. Thanks for getting in touch with us. Wait until the radio screen comes on 3. Hi Stefano, Just recently, Toyota announced that 2019 models will have CarPlay compatibility, that is great news. Recent Toyotas have a unit called “Touch 2” or “Touch&Go 2” in their middle console. When I spoke to my Toyota main dealer last year about the problems that I was having with the USB music cutting out randomly from the same upgrade in April 2016 until it was fixed in January this year with version 6.8.1, they were unable to offer any help as it was clearly a software problem and suggested it needed to be raised with Toyota UK directly. We’d advise going to a dealer near you as they would be in the best position to assist. Yes all the random glitches frequent visits to the dealer for attention, resigned to it?, No, I will just do what a lot of others have done who I have spoken to, buy a different make, sorry Toyota but no one to blame but yourselves. Hi Tony, Not impressed. Hi. We’re sorry to hear this if you wish to discuss this further you can contact our multimedia team, you can find their contact details here: https://www.toyota.co.uk/contact-us/index.json. Hi Toyota ok got a 2016 yaris with touch2 unfortunately the browse menu on itunes does not show up any more after I changed from iPhone 4 to iPhone 6s. It seems numerous posters, plus I’m sure hundreds or thousands more users, have paid £100 for sub-standard software, then told there is no certainty if items will be fixed, or when. I took this up with Toyota Customer Services in June 2017, providing a detailed description of the problem and all I got was vague and patronising responses. There a major issue I have found. When will this be available on the UK e-Store for existing owners? In order for us to recreate the problem we would advise contacting our Customer Services: po.st/DTEqmG stating login details, and if possible a screen shot of where the process is creating an error? 2020-2021 Toyota Touch & Go, Touch & Go Plus, Touch 2 With Go, Touch 2 With Go Plus Just released latest version 2020-2021 for all Touch & Go units Sat Navigation Map Update UK & Europe These cookies do not store any personal information. Also its crashed twice and set me back to KM/H and I have to bounce through KM/L and then to MPG to get it back. Thanks for your post. Selbstverständlich kannst du deine Aktualisierungen auch einfach online unter "Mein Toyota" durchführen. I think that what you experience and feel about Toyota’s multimedia system most people do feel the same. Hi Elias, Hi David, can you tell us more about the issue you are having? A higher grade Touch 2 with Go*** system further features voice recognition, a text-to-speech function and 3D navigation mapping. Hi Philip, This makes the Satnav almost useless if one is to wholly depend on the graphics at turns/bends/roundabouts, if there is no audible guidance!! Hi. Thanks David but at £79 I will not be renewing! I have the same problem with USB music on a new Auris with the latest software. Thanks. Please contact our Multimedia team on this email: multimedia@toyota.co.uk. The Toyota Map Update Release Notes helps you stay on track with the map updates of the Touch & Go and Touch 2 with Go navigation systems. How to update Touch and Go Maps with My Toyota – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REcDG7UsMPE&feature=youtu.be Thanks for agreeing to forward details of the strange & inconsistent behaviour of the various Sound Levels within the latest release of Toyota Touch 2 with Go. Hi Maya, There was a file named Navagation on the stick total file was 4gb. I have updated my 2014 Auris Hybrid Toyota Touch & Go 2 system and maps twice now in the last month and keep getting the same error. Sometimes it would help if the designers of these sites had to use them first. Stereo rebooting randomly, duplicate DAB stations, right and left arrows not working at times on the DAB station list screen. Hi Andrew, What has happened to the September map update? I wanted to send a text using the standard templates, but when I went in to the screen the only one there was the ‘I will arrive at ‘ – the other standard ones plus the ones I created had gone! Hi Ian, Hi, what did you do to solve it? Sorted the music and text scrolling. Toyota also fails to publish a change log for each update detailing what changes have been made to the software. Hi John, 3 year map care on 24 April Some of us though buy a car and keep it for years. They do believe it is a speed camera warning fault. Here’s a weird issue for you! The memory stick is a 64Gb USB2 stick formatted as FAT32. Map updates usually come in Spring and Autumn (roughly October). Voice recognition of spoken names is not very reliable, I would expect spelling would be much better for “foreign” names. Mine keeps crashing and my local garage aren’t helpful… Much obliged. My USB stick is about 7 years old, so probably USB 2. I hope you have a better experiance than me, after numerous emails with Toyota IT department, they finally admitted the system had problems they could not sort and wished me luck with it, not a good experience at all. Music can still be selected using the menus during this time but this is not ideal as it is a distraction from driving. We’re sorry to hear you are having trouble connecting your phones to the Mirrorlink system. I still haven’t heard back from you after providing my email address as you have asked. i tried today and i have always the same problem.No code generated. I bought a new Avensis Excel in October 2015, and although I felt the satnav/media player was very ‘clunky’ and had some annoyances, on the whole it worked fairly well. - Do not create folders in the USB key! If it can’t be fixed quickly then Toyota need to provide a facility to go back to the earlier version of the software but retain the map updates, as at least that worked better than the current version. How to update Toyota Touch 2 with Go Maps – https://youtu.be/EElCJkkYmX0 Traffic Announcement volume isn’t remembered from one occasion to the next (most times) Hi David. Toyota Touch 2 with Go. Hi Michael, Hi Marytn, 1) DAB station text is incorrect sometimes. You can email them here: https://www.toyota.co.uk/contact-us/email-us. It is no good just adding more “bells and whistles” to the software if the hardware can’t handle it at a reasonable speed. Is it still possibility to update this map for free. Many thanks. How to update Toyota Touch 2 with Go Maps – https://youtu.be/EElCJkkYmX0 That is if you heard it! Pity, Hi Darek, The US get a superior version with Mirrorlink. We’re sorry to hear that you’re disappointed and not happy with the Touch systems. That’s why “Touch&Go” units show different screens More importantly the nav system with all its bugs and lag is safer switched off otherwise in my view it’s a distraction. If you have any more questions please let us know. It’s just a matter of producing buggy software or not. Unfortunately, no. Hi, I would like to use combo offer of 3years map updates: “However, you can benefit from a special offer, which includes map update 6.7.0L with 3 years of free map updates and 3 years free online connected services, for the price of a normal map update. Thank you for your post. Also when travelling from Middleton to Rochdale along the A664 (Rochdale Road), my sat nav is STILL telling me to ‘bear left’ at Hollin Lane (A6046) with a matching left turn arrow on screen, despite the fact that it should be telling me to bear right as the route calculated is to continue straight on the A664. It wasn’t there when I looked before SFAIK. I always have an 128GB usb stick with mp3’s to play music in the car. Many thanks. The three year package may be extended by two years** to match Toyota’s five year extended vehicle warranty**. At least there is a sporting chance of finding the correct lane! Last night, for example, worked for two hours this morning to the second song was blocked again, five times in a row, with 5 different songs, with the exact same USB, the exact same album, the exact same songs. It shows in my Purchases (along with the other apps) but just no download link on any of them. I appreciate that it will take time for Toyota UK, to resolve the issues with my car. I’m asking because the data it’s giving me is completely out of date e.g. Previous version was “6.8.1WH”. My main complaint is with the USB function in the media player. Apparently though I have access to Cyclops Mobile Cameras for 3 years – please can you advise how I access this from Touch 2 with Go, or is it already included as part of the maps? But what is the solution? Thank you for your post. Please can you confirm what I’m entitled to as a free software/maps upgrade? I bought the Avensis with Touch 2 with Go about 2 weeks ago – now running 4.9.0. ), as well as the ‘Continue/Cancel’ prompt I mentioned above, the traffic announcement volume I set doesn’t always get adhered to. We have no further information for you at this time, but we are looking in to getting this problem resolved. I bought 3 year Map Care package and when I have purchased the latest update to the version 6.8.1 (for free) I didn’t get the link to download the software to get it onto a USB stick. Has any one else raised this point before? I was hoping for some improvements. Waiting for a response from the “contact us” page that’s been posted above so frequently. Thanks. Hi there, Thanks. It is full of bugs. Hope this helps a little further and if you have any further questions please let us know. Hope this helps a little further and if you have any other questions please let us know. Pretty sure no dealer can sort these out; they seem inherent bugs that need to be resolved in the next release, which hopefully is weeks, not months away – as from reading this post and comments, there are plenty of niggly glitches in this release! How can I make this available? Cannot find anything on http://www.toyota-tech.eu neither. We will feed your comments to our product team for future product reviews. Many thanks. Officially, we recommend using a 16GB stick to ensure compatibility. A car was bought in October 2017. Hi, I’ve installed update 6.7.0.H on my Toyota Auris TS (2015). to get to the same screen I could get to before with ONE press. Format your USB stick with FAT32 format and put the extracted file on it. I purchased a new Rav4 hybrid, with Touch and Go, on Friday. We have had to contact our technical team for more information! We do make sure customer opinions and suggestions are raised. Thanks for the clarification regarding the Cyclops mobile cameras being hidden software. It is no good complaining to my dealer as they won’t be able to do anything. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete. We would advise visiting your local Toyota Dealer who will be able to provide you with a hands on demonstration. Many thanks. Why are the developers being allowed to get away with releasing rubbish? Please could you provide accurate instructions on how to download. Thanks. Hi. I’ve spotted an issue with the turn-by-turn list. When we have more details on this update we will let you know. Corporations hate public criticism. Hi Wayne, We are very sorry to hear of your issues. As long as the phone is connected for internet it will pull cameras from the Cylops database as well. Thanks for getting in touch with us. I know the upgrade system can read normal messages but who uses sms nowadays? Check this site for the latest 2018 map updates: https://www.toyota.co.uk/tme#/my-toyota/eStore. I have to restart the car to fix it. It seems to have corrected itself on a number of other My Toyota portals. You can either take your car to your local dealer, who will carry out the upgrade for you, or download and install the upgrade yourself via the MyToyota portal, here: po.st/2wtJXK. ), and it’s incredibly buggy. Many thanks. Thanks for getting in touch. appears only briefly and then vanishes. The thing is that I can not get the digital print from the car anymore as it is locked on ‘update Mode’. My dealer is great at everything else, but they know NOTHING AT ALL about the multimedia system. We’ve spoken with our technical team regarding your second query and they’ve advised that this just needs to be reported to https://here.com/en On the choices we can influence we also have to assess various customer preferences whilst keeping the final price as competitive as possible. I was quite excited about this update, then I saw the new interface and to be honest, I’m thinking that this is a joke. Inserted into Auris. The only way to get it playing again is to power-down the car, remove the stick, start and insert the stick again. Hi David. We’ve spoken with our technical team and they have asked if you can provide some more information. Hello. I think Toyota have ring fenced this site, perhaps we should be posting our complaints on more public sites like Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for your post. Do you know this error? You can purchase products here”. If I disconnect and connect manually my phone via Connectivity menu the same fake call starts. Help! Many thanks. Hi Matthew, Matter now referred to CS. Hi Tharmesh, At this moment in time we have no dates of when the Spring update will come. Come on Toyota, sort this out! In conclusion, the last two years have been a series of continuing annoyances and frustrations. Officially, we recommend using a 16gb stick to ensure compatibility. Thanks for getting in touch. We have spoken with our technical team and they have advised that there is an arrow on the keyboard once typing which will allow you to move to cursor to anywhere in the word without deleting letters. Just not there! Please Toyota, fix this problem and I shall then be satisfied. We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your sat nav. I checked my Toyota account and I see this update is costing >100 EUR (I am from Poland). Now, Toyota has launched the new Toyota Touch 2 with Go multimedia systems with maps provided by HERE, designed and built by connected technologies company HARMAN. Connection to the Toyota customer portal has been made easier, and customers can now quickly create a My Toyota account on-screen, from within the vehicle. Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors. Upgrade the mirror link so we can use our phones at least or include support for Android or apple Auto. We also regret to inform you that the turn-by-turn list will not be changing back to the old format. After speaking with our technical team, we can advise that the update will include additional map data and improved operating system software. Strange my post to Paul’s comments of 17/05/16, left nearly 7 days ago was not published. Once you connect your navigation device to your PC and launch this tool, it will automatically scan your device for installed software and maps. How to buy an app with My Toyota – https://youtu.be/kCaWkWK-AXM. Have you managed to solve the issue? Hope this helps! Can anyone tell me where I am wrong wrong please ? But where is the Coyote manual – I’m still waiting! But on the other hand now I have my phone paired via bluetooth both for calls, music and internet. Many thanks. Hope this helps! Hi Si. How to buy an app with My Toyota – https://youtu.be/kCaWkWK-AXM, Hi Bjorn, To do the update, you need your VIN and an empty USB stick with at least 1GB space total. Thanks for your reply… Do you know how I can tell if I’m connected to the internet from the Sat Nav screen? 2016 Auris Excel by the way. Turn on the ignition (Don’t start the car.) Thank you for your post and feedback. to renew (I won’t be!). I believe that at least one other person has posted similar problem in this blog and I have also e-mailed MyToyota@toyota.co.uk, Hi Rodger, They’ll contact you with in 72 working hours. Thanks for following up on this. Speed limit changes are verified by customer notification via here.com with the local police force & council. Can you advise me how to resolve this, or inform me wether a new update is going to fix this issue? Thanks for getting in touch. How to buy an app with My Toyota – https://youtu.be/kCaWkWK-AXM. Hi Dan, posting a changelog, like every other software company does, on what has actually changed between versions would be such an improvement. Where can I find an updated manual for 6.10.0.WH (“Go Plus”)? I can’t find a way. Hi Steven, You should be able to change your distance unit in: Setup- General- Distance Unit/Distance Fuel Unit/Fuel Consumption Unit. I have been very reasonable & allowed them until the end of October 2016, to produce a satisfactory result. If it definitely is a fault I will proceed and book it in. Dein Toyota Partner hält jederzeit die neueste Update-Version auf CD bzw. I still have the same issues as you, plus more, but Toyota have refused to accept my rejection of the vehicle. For me that’s a serious security issue of the car … The manual interface it’s not useable because of it’s poor performance. I have spoken with our technical team and they have asked if you can provide us with your user ID (email address). Many thanks. So far I’ve not see this posted. Many thanks. Update nu uw navigatie voor maar € 99,- voor de AYGO en € 149,- voor alle andere modellen. I thought this was a free upgrade for current owners? We thank you for your loyalty and we’re sorry to hear that you feel this way. Unfortunately, we’re unable to say when the next map update will be available. Many thanks , Hi Les, Please contact our dedicated multimedia support team. Any help gratefully received. Next Test: Drive to parking place, turn of the car, turn on again… no chance: neverending synchronisation of the device. One thing I do miss having is the current speed displayed on the display, I had this option on my previous unit (Kenwood/Garnin) , and found it very useful, mainly because it’s more accurate than the car’s speedometer. Let go of theMEDIA button now. I gave up as well for a while. When TomTom had a poor software update it was corrected within the month. Will this update be compatible with a 2012 Invincible Hilux with Touch2 with Go? This is becoming a recurring complaint and therefore will be looked into in a high level of detail. Haven’t used the SatNav much yet, but I see plenty of posts relating to that.. Is the software tailored for each model type, or “generic” for all models with Touch2 With Go Plus fitted? Thanks for your prompt response. Thanks for your post. Hi Pawel, I too would be very interested in seeing a change log published when new versions of the software are released. With my phone on the wireless charger I can hear the warning beeps as I approach a camera and that alerts me to the SatNav map. Thank you for your post and feedback. Sorry for the delay. It is terrible at the moment and very distracting. Traffic Announcement screen sometimes stays on screen after traffic announcement has finished and gone back to USB music. Use a Windows machine to download and unzip the update, I had the same issue, its seems that when doing this same action on an Apple computer, the update is not recognized, I think its because of the spotlight indexing of OS X on the USB drive changes something. If there is a place I can send my ideas to, I’d be only too welcome to share constructively must say though things are laid out much more logically now. Do you think there might be a fixed version at some point? We apologise for the delay in response. Thanks for getting in touch. The phone interface has also been redesigned for easier, more intuitive use on the move. We’d advise deleting the pairing and re-pair the device or wiping the phone and reload the music. In October 2017, I got a call from my dealer saying Toyota wanted to close the case, although I had received no communication at all from Toyota directly, which I found completely unacceptable. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know. Not a problem Kelvin. If not, we should be informed a.s.a.p. During a lengthier test last Sunday, the player froze after 17 minutes and I had to stop and turn the ignition off and on again for it to continue. We are sure that your comments will highlight some important issues and may provide a catalyst for change in the future. And then there’s the default radio – it will always default to FM although I always listen to DAB. Navigation / media systems are an afterthought for Toyota apparently, at least in Europe. It is just a pity it has taken Toyota 9 months to fix the problem. On some cheaper USBs the timing chip receiver operates too slowly so misses a returned bit, the Stick then thinks the unit has not received a data packet so re-sends. I have an Avensis Excel from October 2015 and after the 6.7.0H update back in April, there are a series of issues with the Toyota Touch with Go Plus which make many features unfit for purpose. 6.7.owl 2016 v.1, Miles swaps to Kilometers without any warning, Road map information is crap (Roads missing, wrong speed restriction information), It resets itself without any warning loosing any information input (Favorites, addresses, etc), Direction information recalculates too often, Just ahead information is inconsistent can be 10 feet or x amount of miles. Thanks for your reply and yes it does help – I can’t remember having had any issues this week. Only offering £109 map update? We’d advise contacting our Multimedia team directly as they are in the best position to assist you further. Hope this helps! These are all replaced with question-marks. Is yours the standard touch 2 with go and if so what features of siri eyes free you can use? Right after the update was finished, I unplugged the update usb stick and attached again a stick with about 5000 songs (because, doesn’t need to reduce if it anyway doesn’t work with less songs as well). Also does any one know how to move the cursor to the middle of a word to edit, rather than being forced to edit from the last character of the word you are trying to edit by deleting backwards. I known you’re going to ask me to e-mail your Multimedia team but wanted to raise this on the blog in case anyone else has noticed it.. I’ve been watching this blog everyday for a clue. If you wish to contact our Multimedia team directly, you can email them using this address: multimedia@toyota.co.uk. The “call” is shown only on the car. 2. This should be owned and progressed centrally as a matter of urgency; if the developers are not aware of agile software delivery perhaps they should look to adopt this sooner rather than later. A vehicle will drive the route as it needs to get the plotting GPS points. Toyota Touch & Go Toolbox is a program released by the software company NNG Llc.. ;D. Hi Elias, Thanks for getting in touch with us. We’ve spoken with our technical department and they have advised that the speed camera beep cannot be turned on, on Land Cruisers. Also, when in a poor data signal area, the Live traffic switches to RDS mode and then NEVER goes back to mobile data mode, unless I manually notice and switch it back. In the e-store the version 4.3 is the free update and the 6.7 is available as the paid update. If the issue continues we would suggest contacting our customer relations team and they will raise the issue with Toyota Motor Europe. I have just updated my Touch2 Go to the latest (Autumn 2018) map and system. dated 2016. Toyota CH-R Hybrid 2017 with Toyota Touch 2 and Go & miniature English bull terrier None of this works. Our technical team advise keeping an eye on My Toyota for a new update. On many forums discussing this problem. Hi David, Once the Sat Nav turned itself off while driving, reset itself, but was showing Kilometres not Miles and took a lot of effort to change it back. Hi Gerry, One is the circle around the arrow on the sat nav – it’s way to thick. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. (4x a year 2,5 hours downloading, upgrading, motor running???) But how? Traffic Announcement screen sometimes stays on screen after traffic announcement has finished and gone back to USB music. Is there any posibility to buy such bundle? This is a common issue with Android software 7 and there seems to be a bug with the Android software. For example, blog comments containing offensive language or external links will not be published. Thank you for your post and feedback. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Absolutely right Georgi…..the Satnav system is not worth the money paid for it!!!! Moreover, this 2016 software update is also available to all current system owners. Hi Joe, Then tells me that you are to the current problem of USB? Thanks for getting in touch. Thank you for your post. or do we have to keep looking on the estore website ?. We’d advise contacting our Multimedia team directly on this address: multimedia@toyota.co.uk. This seems to be a larger issue and if the issue continues we would suggest contacting our customer relations team and they will raise the issue with Toyota Motor Europe and help solve the problem. Now DAB text scrolling no longer working too. Not even an upgrade to the basic interface? Hi Does anyone know when the spring update for the Sat Nav for the Gen 4 Prius is going to show its face. 5. This will be available on your 2012 Hilux Invincible with Touch 2 and Go. We have spoken with our technical team and they have advised that if the USB memory stick was working correctly prior to the update on this vehicle, a possible cause would be a defect with the USB memory stick.

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