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As far as the latter is concerned, there are, however, several things to consider when using epoxy resin as a floor coating on tiles, which we will discuss in the following step-by-step instructions. Bundle up and head outside (or stay toasty inside)—either way, everyone in the family will love these snow day ideas. Just simply paint it on with a new roller. Painting the ceramic tile floors in our first floor bathroom was one of those projects for me! Also for more information visit rustoleum.com/rshome. Let the paint dry for 24 to 48 hours until it is completely dry. The cleaning process was a lot simpler with the floor system than it was with the shower kit. After all, you can paint an ugly wall or an outdated door—why not paint some floor tiles? RELATED: 12 Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas You Need to See Right Now. “I don’t know.”, “I think somebody did it and thought, ‘This is cool, I’m going to tell everybody this is cool,’” Erin says. Close the distance with fun games you can play from the comfort of separate homes. As the days get chillier and snow starts falling, curl up with one of these good books to read in winter. We used the semi-gloss for this project and are pleased with the sheen. If you do paint tile floors in high-moisture areas, such as the bathroom, try to avoid painting the tiles near the bathtub, where frequent splashing creates mildew, or else choose a paint specifically made for bathrooms. This makes the project much more affordable for small spaces like a bathroom. UPDATE: They now have 30 colors! Best Practices for Painting Tile . If you’re using a stencil, spraying your bathroom tiles with paint (using a spray gun, not a spray can) can be a clean and efficient way to get the job done. We also used Aged Gray when painting the floors in our vendor booth at The Rustic Warehouse and I loved that color choice as well. The color we chose honestly looks like a pretty standard grout color. NOTE: They have updated their product offering as a kit with the top coat and the base coat in one bundle for $39.99. It also is a great option to explore new looks all by yourself. Both projects were SO MUCH easier than expected and we’re so pleased with how it turned out. Transform any room by revamping your outdated floor—simply clean, apply the required Base Coat + Top Coat system for beautiful, long-lasting results. We could have run errands or worked on another project, but we played with puppies and read magazines. Paint Your Floor Tiles With Chalk Paint: We recently purchased a new home which had the most hideous of tile flooring. Painting tile requires the use of special epoxy paints or tile paints. Many other tutorials suggest many coats of a top coat sealer where as this system you simply need one. The tricky part was painting in a pattern that didn’t cause you to walk on wet paint. These include inhibitors that extend the pot life, but also paint particles and filling materials. I would classify the painting floor and wall tile a hobby project. this website. This product is not super thick, but covers so well. I always love to share more inspiration on posts like these. • Ideal for stairs and floors, this tile paint dries to a durable and resistant finish. Although the same brand, this product is not the same product we used to paint the wall tiles in the bathroom and is made specifically for floors. Painting the tiles feels like the easy part once you’ve muscled through the cleaning routine. Painting tile floors sounds (and looks) like a common-sense fix to an ugly tile problem in a bathroom, kitchen, or entryway. Between the base coat and the top coat you need to wait 6 hours for application. Finally, roll urethane over the entire floor three times with ample drying time in between. Presenting a new way to party together—virtually. Thinking About Painting Tile Floors? The first two were at the Skyline Project (my house) where we painted my shower wall tile and then we added peel & stick tile to the laundry room. It’s recommended to apply the first color of the base coat and then using a second color of base coat for the stencil. As soon as it was fully coated, I removed the stencil and moved on. Chalk paint can be applied without primer to lend a shabby-chic solid color to the tile, and it can also serve as a base coat for a patterned finish. Here's when to tip, when to skip, and how much to tip in any situation (even the confusing ones). I didn’t want to try to line it up a second time and have it smudge. Real Simple may receive compensation when you click through and purchase from links contained on You can essentially do it if you have time for learning the process and doing it … 2. “To achieve the best results, I recommend working with professional painters that are specialized and equipped to properly paint ceramic tiled floors and walls, and leave the area unused for several days to allow the paint to dry once the project is completed,” Macfarlane says. Ben and Erin Napier, the home improvement duo behind HGTV’s Home Town, also expressed doubts regarding the trend. If you use this technique to paint tile, please return to share your experience using the comments below or tagging me on Instagram! The product has a good adherence on surfaces previously painted with oil-based paint. Stick with vertical surfaces: It is not standard practice to take a roller to your kitchen or bathroom floor tile. Anywhere that needs an update! How to remove paint from tile floor: I mean, if we’re talking about a back porch, sun room, where you can paint it a fun color, maybe.” (Ben says, “No, don’t,” to that. Let it dry completely before the next step. This product goes so much farther than you’d think. It is ready for foot traffic 24 hours after the top coat with a full cure time is 7-10 days. It is extremely durable and washable. The second floor of our home was added in the late 90s, so this floor tile is pretty dang old. It’s one that seemed to be used in every home and commercial bathroom in from 1980 - early 2000 It’s not the worst, but it definitely didn’t make the space feel special. When replacing floor tiles is so costly, time-consuming, and messy, a coat of paint seems like the obvious, budget-friendly alternative, but this seemingly obvious DIY solution isn’t the fix-all you’d hope for. This last step took us 15minutes…yes less time than we scroll on Instagram each day. See the example below! I also love how Proverbs31Girl used a stencil in her bathroom to totally transform the space! As "tile paint" seemed to be intended mostly for backsplashes, I thought paint intended for floors would be my best bet for going the distance. We began updating the bathroom with new countertops, painted the vanity, new lights and hardware. We had over 3/4 of a gallon left over doing the jack and jill bathroom so if you’re deciding which to purchase for a bathroom I’d choose their quart size offering. “I don’t know how it would adhere to a porcelain tile,” Ben says. So, technically, you can paint floor tiles in the literal sense—but the results won’t last as long as you want them to, and there’s a chance painting tile floors can actually cause maintenance issues. Do not use an abrasive cleaner. Start by sanding your tile floors with a random orbit sander and 80 grit sandpaper. I’d love to see! • A gloss finish provides an elegant touch to the surface. For our small entryway it was a quick project with a lot of downtime to allow the primer and paint to properly dry and cure between coats. Rust-Oleum® HOME Floor Coating is an extremely durable, easy to use, revolutionary technology that allows you to coat over a wide variety of substrates inside the home without stripping, sanding or priming. Become a part of the Farmhouse Living family using the form below. Searches for painted floor tiles were up 1,276 percent on Pinterest in 2018, so plenty of people are interested in the option, and a plethora of DIY guides to painting tile floors are floating around online. ), So, technically, you can paint floor tiles in the literal sense—but the results won’t last as long as you want them to, and there’s a chance painting tile floors can actually cause maintenance issues. Sand the Tile surface. Don’t. Refinish tiles, even give wall or backsplash tile a pretty painted pattern, but don’t paint the entirety of your tile floors—no matter how good it looks online. While they are notoriously difficult to paint, there are ways to ensure that your tiles get a beautiful makeover and don’t lose their new color, without having to … We use cleaners like Pin-Sol all the time. This post is in partnership with Rust-Oleum. This jack and jill bathroom has a very familiar tile. How to Paint Tile Floors. I suggest painting the base coat one afternoon and the next morning painting the top coat. If that’s not an option, there are certain peel-and-stick tile decals that can improve the appearance of unfortunate floor tiles. Once dry, the paint is waterproof and mould resistant so you can update and protect your tiles at the same time. A fully cured floor can be cleaned with mild soap and water after 7 days. The entire process was much easier than we thought. I’ve seen other tutorials showing products that you have to have 3 and 4 coats to get full coverage. It’s not made to be used inside showers or on countertops. Apply a second coat and let dry for two more days. Kneel on a towel to prevent the first coat from pulling up, plus it’ll be softer on your legs. It’s the perfect long term solution for dated tile in an entryway, kitchen, laundry room, mudroom, bathroom floors – even high traffic areas! Don’t retile, use One Coat Tile Paint to revive and rejuvenate your kitchen or bathroom tiles. The waiting is the hard part. Recently Mom and I have been a lot more determined to find cost effective solutions to accomplish projects. But where figuring out how to clean floor tile grout is easy and straightforward, with reliable results, painting tiles floors can quickly go wrong. ; Clean the Tile: Because tile is a protective surface, years of dirt and other build-up can be difficult to remove.Take time to thoroughly clean all areas of the tile, especially the grout seams. Ceramic tiles are a staple of many homes. If you don't wish to prime your floors before painting, chalk paint is a … Real Simple may receive compensation for some links to products and services in this email on this website. We’d love to send it directly to your inbox. See more ideas about painting tile floors, painting tile, tile floor. The tile theme is not intentional, but it happens that the next project is at the Touch Gold Project (mom’s house) where we are painting floor tile in the upstairs bathroom. Whether they are flooring, a countertop, or a backsplash, their color isn’t always quite right. Absolutely! Plus, it was super dirty. Simply mop and make sure there is nothing on the surface when you begin painting. If you don't prep your tile properly, the floor paint won't stick and you'll have wasted all that hard work. Starting in the top corner, work your brush down the tiles to create a wet edge. 4. It is Coastal Fog. ), The Napiers suggest just biting the bullet and replacing tile floors. When painting a tile floor, the following three types of paint work best: 1. The instructions suggest waiting 12 hours before walking on floors. The more we added to the space the more the tile felt out of place and dated. Apply your paint primer to the tiles and grout. This post was updated on April 30, 2020 to answer all questions and give a status on house the floors are holding up. From natural-looking floor tile paint to ceramic tile paint perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, we've got a whole host of different tile paints for you to choose from. The process can be easy, and the immediate results might look great—but there’s a good chance they won’t last. I would definitely do this project again and I’m actually thinking of using it on our tile floors in our local vendor booth where we sell some of our favorite things. It’s a nice neutral gray. That is not necessary with the Rust-Oleum Home Interior Floor Paint system. Offers may be subject to change without notice. This product is also not food safe and should not be used on kitchen counters. (Chipping and peeling paint can even lead to some health concerns, particularly if … That would be a great test of traffic. Tip: When painting tiles with epoxy or tile paint make sure the area is well-ventilated. If using chalk paint as a base coat, choose a shade that will visually contrast with the color of the pattern you intend to overlay. Rust-Oleum currently has 18 color choices listed from white to many shades of gray and even sea foam! … Love you guys. Let the first coat dry for two days. Once dry, begin rolling the floor tile paint over the tiles in smooth even strokes. Real Simple is part of the Meredith Home Group. Painting on tile is a great alternative when you have budget constraints. All products and services featured are selected by our editors. Use a roller to apply paint evenly to the tile. I decided I was going to paint my bathroom floors way back in 2014 when I was making over my space for the One Room Challenge but the stenciling of the bathroom walls took so long that I ran out of time to do it before my big reveal. Add a clear coat of polyurethane if desired. A couple of tips: stencil in one even coat. It can be used on tile, wood, laminate, concrete, vinyl, linoleum and more. There are three common ways you can measure your ring size right at home so you can finally get your ring measurement right, for good. Transform your kitchen or bathroom in just one coat; Highly durable and easy to clean; Leaves no brush marks; No primer needed If you’re really attached to the idea of painting tile floors, though, go about the project carefully. Affordable rugs can also help cover them. I have to kick off every DIY post by sharing that I’m not your every day DIYer. Then work your way across the wall, maintaining that wet edge as … Enter Rust-Oluem. Clean and Tape off space. First coat-still wet. Preparation is key when painting tile floors! I often get asked what color we used in this project. This step by step tutorial is an easy home improvement project showing the painting tile process. Tile paint works best on vertical surfaces that receive less abuse, including backsplashes, wall tile, and wainscot tile. This paint is made to stick to tile. Small Paint Roller (one that doesn’t shed). Tile paint colour options can be limited, so if you are want a particular shade, prime tiles with a high-quality, solvent-based primer such as the Dulux Professional White Undercoat and use a high-gloss or semi-gloss paint for your top coats. When painting two 12x12 rooms we still had over 1/2 the gallon left over. (They suggest looking into The Home Depot’s Home Services to get the job done.). For this jack and jill bathroom the process took us about 30 minutes. No amount of scrubbing was going to clean those grout lines. Wait 1-2 hours after stencil is dry before applying the Top Coat. We painted one coat over the grout lines and all. Projects that require any amount of skill overwhelm me and I have given up on more than a few. Tips when painting tile floors. Unfortunately, the house needs more important repairs like a roof and hurricane impact windows so replacing the flooring will have to wait. So whether you're looking for simple white tile paint or brick red paint, it's all here. As you can see, we decided to paint over the grout lines for ease and a uniform finish, but you can tape to retain them if you prefer. Paint on horizontal tiled surfaces that receive traffic will soon wear off. Wait 6 hours before applying the stencil. Ceramic tile paint is very durable and can be used as floor tile paint if you do a few basics – sand, clean, and prime first. Painting was quick and painless and the hardest part was waiting and staying off the floors. Choose the Best Surface: Painting tile works best on vertical surfaces such as dry or low-moisture walls or backsplashes or on low-impact horizontal surfaces such as select tile countertops. Make sure to paint grout as well. I’d love to see someone use the black and white with a stencil now that they have a larger variety in colors! Using the correct type of paint will help you achieve the best results when painting your tile floors. Many tutorials using other products suggest priming. Learn how to paint tile floors with a stencil with my step by step tutorial. The top coat was the easiest part. “I could change my mind later, but right now, I’m not on board with it. Painting tile floors might sound like an easy fix to an ugly tile problem, but don’t pick up that floor tile paint just yet. Although the same brand, this product is not the same product we used to paint the wall tiles in the bathroom and is made specifically for floors. Made with products you probably have on hand. Sand your tiles Once your floor is squeaky clean, grab a block and some heavy-duty 400-grit sandpaper and give your surface a good roughing up – this will help your … What about your food-delivery person? We promise not to spam you and to only share our favorite finds, inspiration, giveaways and more directly to you once a week. It can be used on tile, wood, laminate, concrete, vinyl, linoleum and more. 2. Latex, acrylic latex and enamel paints will all perform well on the ceramic tile if you have used a quality high-adhesion primer to prepare the surface. Paint the tiles with tile paint Stir your paint thoroughly and then pour half of the tile paint it into a clean working pot. Revitalise old tiles with the help of our tile paint. How much should you tip your hairdresser? Get the look of farmhouse cement tile on a budget! “Because tiled flooring is commonly found in high-traffic areas, such as the bathroom or kitchen, there is a risk the paint will peel or bubble up from being frequently scratched or exposed to moisture, regardless of the amount of paint layers applied,” says Hunter Macfarlane, project expert at Lowe’s. This project by Jennifer of Making Pretty Spaces is so darn inspiring and made up for the lack of inspiration on Pinterest! this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. (Chipping and peeling paint can even lead to some health concerns, particularly if children or pets are in the home. This jack and jill bathroom has a very familiar tile. Feb 11, 2019 - Explore Barbara Baker's board "Painting tile floors" on Pinterest. Using two coats of latex paint is a great choice when applied over a coat of primer. Apply your first coat of paint in smooth strokes. Apply two … In the meantime, I decided to… I knew that painting the floor tiles was going to be my best bet to get this space looking up to date and fresh. This BYOT DIY video shows how to paint tile flooring. Painting floor tiles is so much easier than we ever anticipated. After the farm moulding and wallpaper went up it was time to find a cost effective solution that even a level one DIYer could take on. • Water-based paint is safe to use in enclosed spaces and is environmentally friendly.