Dick correctly predicts that the Winchester brothers are planning to get the blood of the Alpha Vampire and of Crowley for the leviathan-killing bone described by the tablet; after sending Edgar on an ill-fated mission to kill the Alpha Vampire before the Winchesters can attain the alpha's blood, Dick summons and traps Crowley. During their investigation, Adam's body was discovered by Dean, just as Sam was attacked by the ghouls, who settled for killing Sam and Dean. She helps him out, but to Benny's heartbreak, he learns that she has changed and wants to take over the pirating operation herself and Dean is forced to kill her to save Benny. Ketch eventually gives the Winchesters the generator, enabling them to force Lucifer from President Jefferson Rooney and send Lucifer back to his Cage. Unaware of how to hide his kills and having just come of age, he drew too much attention with his actions. In the aftermath, while Doug acknowledges the necessity of Donna's hunting, he becomes frightened by what he has seen and breaks up with Donna, leaving her heartbroken. In "Damaged Goods," Nick captures and tortures demons to death in search of Abraxas. When the clay tablet that contained the Word of God was stolen by the Winchesters. She suggests to both Arthur Ketch and Lady Toni Bevell that once it is over, she will place each of them in charge. Here's what we know about the last episode's release date, cast, trailer and plot. However, it is later revealed he threw another book in, and hid the real book in hopes he could still cure Dean, despite his brother's wishes. In "Carry On," Bobby Singer reveals that Jack resurrected Castiel from the Empty again, freeing Castiel from the Shadow's clutches. She leaves after telling Sam and Dean not to contact her again. Ten years after the deal, hellhounds kill the person who made the deal and their souls fall to Hell. Jael is a sadistic Crossroads Demon appearing in Supernatural portrayed by Kara Royster, Billy Wickman and Kim Rhodes. After Dean and Martin stop her from killing her next victim, the wraith goes after a restrained Sam and explains that psychiatric patients are more delectable to her. Jesse and Sam learn from the sheriff that he had managed to track down the Bisaan, but discovered his daughter to be one of them. At the same time, Sam and Charlie learn that the Wizard is in fact Clive's dark side, split from him as Charlie's was. When Gerald refuses to relent, Crowley kills him by stabbing Gerald through the back of the head and out of his mouth with an angel blade. She reappears, still in Josie, in "Sacrifice" where though Josie's hands have been reattached, her head is still visibly sewn onto her neck. Asmodeus, in his guise as Castiel, contacts the Winchesters in this way over the course of a few episodes to both keep them off of his trail and to see if they've learned anything about Jack's location. Upon Lucifer's return from Apocalypse World, it is sensed by Asmodeus who finds Lucifer and Castiel together in a bar. Bobby sends the Winchesters to see Frank when two Leviathans begin a series of killings throughout the country, masquerading as the brothers. Great work from the cast & crew!!! In the pilot episode, six months after Sam's birth in 1983, Mary was awakened by sounds of him crying in his crib. As a Prince of Hell, Ramiel is one of the oldest and most powerful demons to ever live and a retired demonic general. In season 13's "War of the Worlds," an alternate universe Kevin appears as a Prophet loyal to Michael in Apocalypse World. Sam eventually kills the demon that killed her and gets revenge. Supernatural has featured many other recurring guests that take part in story arcs that span a portion of a season. He differs from other demons in that its eye color is either pale blue and/or possibly gray. With help from Patience, Dean kills the Wraith and avenges Missouri's death while also fulfilling her last wish to see her granddaughter protected. Abraxas is briefly mentioned, though not by name, in season 5's "Sympathy for the Devil" when Lucifer mentions the brutal murders of Nick's family which Lucifer uses to manipulate the man into consenting to possession. Sam proves immune to Samhain's power so they fight hand to hand, but even with the demon-killing knife, Sam is no match for the demon. As they attempt to leave, Dark Kaia tries to kill Claire with her spear, but Kaia shoves Claire out of the way and takes the hit herself, apparently dying in the process. When Sam and Castiel return to the Bunker after the sun was restored to normal, she uses the angel banishing sigil on Castiel and tells Sam that she is a member of the British Men of Letters. Afterwards, Sam is able to use Rowena's spell to resurrect Eileen. When Ennis Ross gets angry when Sal is served first at an upscale restaurant, Marv steps in, but is stopped by Sal while Ennis notices Marv's distorted reflection in a mirror. Later, Ramiel tells the Winchesters that Dagon has taken an interest in Lucifer's unborn Nephilim child, though Ramiel himself couldn't care less. These demons serve as soldiers, thugs, henchmen and minions. In season three, Sam and Dean encountered Madge and Edward Carrigan (portrayed by Merrilyn Gann and Spencer Garrett) in "A Very Supernatural Christmas" where they are pagan gods of the winter solstice from an unspecified culture. The two men find only one vampire hiding in the nest and Arthur beats upon her before Dean stops him to try things his way. After the angels fall, Kevin is left trapped in the bunker as it locks down and he panics, nearly shooting Dean with a crossbow when he arrives. As she leaves the cabin at the end of the episode, Castiel appears and takes her. In 2006, Hydeker resurfaced again in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. According to the press release, this event is live and one night only. she still hasn't heard from Kevin and is unknown to her, surrounded by demons, keeping an eye on her and protecting her. Not getting it, Eldon asks him "so what" before Dean shoots him in the head, killing him. Grab is brought in to use his talents in bypassing supernatural security to locate the vault itself which can only be opened by Dean's blood. Very popular in conventions, the TV show Supernatural began broadcasting in 2005 on The CW (formerly The WB) and is currently in its 12th season. She played the... Julie Marie Benz (born May 1, 1972) is an American actress, known for her roles as Darla on... Katharine Isabelle (born November 2, 1981) is a Canadian actress. In the present, Abaddon has given the order for her minions to begin stealing souls again in order to build an army of demons loyal only to her. They intend to do so through chemically decreasing their intelligence via food adulterants and curing their diseases, including cancer. John took Missouri to his house, hoping she could tell him what killed Mary. Donna is able to rescue Wendy, killing the Butterfly's accomplice in the process while Dean rescues Sam and kills the Butterfly, who was Agent Clegg all along. Edgar is left to the Alpha with a warning to keep his head away from the rest of his body. Sam manages to bash in the head of one of the male djinn with a golf club while the other is killed from behind by Samuel Campbell with a silver knife dipped in lamb's blood. The latter is summoned by Dean in an attempt to rescue a man from a demonic pact previously made. Charlie then escapes into Sam and Dean's reality with the rest of her group where they then celebrate in the Bunker. ", "Supernatural Creator Eric Kripke Answers Fan's Questions – Part II", "Supernatural Creator Eric Kripke Answers Fan's Questions – Part III", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Supernatural_characters&oldid=998909008, Supernatural (American TV series) characters, Lists of American drama television series characters, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing cleanup from December 2018, Cleanup tagged articles with a reason field from December 2018, Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from December 2018, Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from October 2020, All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Later, while performing an exorcism, Gordon learns about the coming demonic war, Azazel's special children, and Sam's powers. After Dark Kaia escapes again, Jody is left worried about how to explain the situation to Claire who was in love with Kaia and still seeks revenge upon her killer. Eileen Leahy, portrayed by Shoshannah Stern, is an Irish hunter and Men of Letters Legacy. Vampires play a major role in season 8, mainly through Dean's vampire friend Benny who has a recurring role. The next morning, Mick receives word from Doctor Hess that they don't have time to convince the American hunters to join them and orders Mick to "assimilate or eliminate" them and sends her lackey Renny Rawlings to keep an eye on him. The wraith turns out to have gotten a taste for psychics after feeding on one in a mental hospital. She is later called by Sam after another possessed victim murders the coach who was in a coma. Victor Henriksen, played by Charles Malik Whitfield, was an FBI agent who pursued the Winchesters since the bank "robbery" in the season two episode "Nightshifter". In "The Spear," Arthur has found the hyperbolic pulse generator, but is forced to mail it to the Winchesters who are less than pleased as they need it immediately. During the show, a number of ways are employed to put the various ghosts to rest, but the most commonly used is salting and burning their human remains. Unable to kill Jael without harming Jody also, the hunters were handicapped and quickly defeated by Jael who telekinetically pinned them to the floor. Sully, a zanna, is an imaginary friend of Sam's, and appears in Season 11 Episode 08, in response to a string of imaginary friend murders. Guthrie, portrayed by Russell Roberts, is a former Crossroads Demon that acts as Crowley's personal assistant in season 10. Lisa admits that she knows he can no longer be always there for them, and lets him go, as long as he could return now and then to see them. Both Sam and Dean acknowledge that neither Adam nor Castiel are likely alright and vow to get them back. She also could not tell which it was once she knew that he was. Afterwards, Crowley arrives and takes him away. Jimmy is fatally injured in the fight, and Castiel tells him he will now be at peace in Heaven. Subsequently, in "The Hunter Games," Rowena reminds Guthrie how she exposed the "traitor" Gerald when he is reluctant to help her out. She is then confronted at gunpoint by Sam, Jody Mills and another hunter named Walt. Believing someone to have gotten to Arty, Nick attacks him and demands to know the truth. With a giant monster approaching and the rift about to close, the Winchesters drag a reluctant Claire back through the rift which closes moments later. Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki Supernatural … They arrive at the house and are surprised to not see her, but when they hear screams coming from upstairs, they know she is in fact in the house, and in danger. However, Dean refuses and leaves. Subsequently, in "Breakdown," a werewolf is shown to be part of Terrance Clegg's online auction and wins the bid for Sam Winchester's heart. Sam discovers that Mia is a shapeshifter, but she is proven to be innocent of the murders. Jimmy was reunited in Heaven with his wife, Amelia, after her death in "Angel Heart". During the eleventh season, she escapes her prison to get revenge on her brother, but she and God reconcile by the end of the season. Enamored with the archangel, Rowena offers herself to join him, only to get herself killed once Lucifer confirms that she is the only one capable of sealing the Cage. Their mentor turns out to be working with the true culprit and setting up fake targets for them to hunt. The Knights of Hell can only be killed by the First Blade. Many commit chaos at their own accord, doing so because they find it fun. The siblings reconcile and the Darkness heals the injuries she inflicted upon God, reversing the end of the universe. However, as part of the deal, Cain had to kill Abel personally. He is best known for... Candice Rene King (née Accola) is an American actress, singer, and songwriter. The Winchesters return to find Claire gone and Mick waking up. When they question what Mick thinks about it, Toni reveals that Mick is dead, much to their obvious shock and grief as the Winchesters had genuinely liked Mick. Having been briefed by Sam, he intended to fake taking the serum, but is later forced to consume it. Barthamus needs Dean's blood to get into the vault as it only opens to the blood of a man who has been to Hell and back. In "Hunted", he kills Scott Carey- another of the 'special children'- and then tracks Sam down and tries to kill him, convinced that Sam and those like him are 'traitors' to humanity. After a failed attempt to use Kevin as leverage, the escaped ghosts, aside from Kevin, are trapped in a crystal by Rowena. In season six, Sam and Dean encounter Veritas (portrayed by Serinda Swan) in "You Can't Handle the Truth.". In "Free to Be You and Me," Lucifer visits Sam in Nick's form and explains that Sam is actually Lucifer's one true vessel. Jack and Kaia's efforts open a rift, destroying the attacking angels in the process, but sends the Winchesters to The Bad Place, Jack to Apocalypse World and an unconscious Kaia to a nearby roadside. While Charlie is successful, she finds out the truth about Dick Roman and the Leviathans from his files and later teams up with the Winchesters to erase the drive. Dark Kaia, also portrayed by Yadira Guevara-Prip, is the alternate reality counterpart of Kaia from The Bad Place. As the other two argue about the Kardashians, the Winchesters and Jack enter. In the afterlife, Lily is greeted by Anubis who again weighs her soul and determines that Lily can now enter Heaven. As they began to spy the camp field, Frank challenges Dean about how he is dealing with himself on the whole situation, even telling Dean his dark past. She is raised in Pontiac, Illinois, until roughly the age of eleven, when her mother disappears, overwhelmed by grief of her father's death. She is successfully protected when Michael possesses John to kill Anna, then erases Mary's memories so history remains the same. Lily Sunder, portrayed by Alicia Witt, is a professor of apocalyptic literature turned angel hunter appearing in season 12. He wishes to return to his family, but Sam and Dean insist that he would put them in danger from the demons hunting him down for his association with angels. Death watches as Sam and Dean argue and fight and then Sam agrees to sacrifice himself to stop the threat of the Mark and the Darkness. Abaddon is amused to realize that it's because Josie loves Henry and taunts her, but ultimately accepts her offer. In Anna's drawing, Samhain's eyes are completely whitish, showing that Samhain is classified as a whitish eyed demon. Alarmed, Dean and Arthur rush back to the British Men of Letters compound to find that Sam has killed the Alpha Vampire and the surviving vampires have fled. He then remarks that it is Arthur Ketch's purpose to clean up "loose ends". After witches attack, Eileen is banished, but gets Dean to help Sam. In "Unhuman Nature," Nick tracks down Frank Kellogg, the police officer Abraxas had possessed on the night of the murders to commit them. Nick's body is later found by Sam and Dean in "Absence." After learning of Crowley going after the First Blade for the Winchesters, Rowena approaches Guthrie to get it for her. Kelly agrees to help them lure Rooney in so they can use the Hyperbolic Pulse Generator to expel Lucifer from him. Dagon (portrayed by Ali Ahn) is one of the four Princes of Hell and one of the oldest and most powerful demons in existence. Unsure whether to believe Crowley or not, Kevin doesn't free him, but decides to look for himself before being stopped by Dean who tells him that even if Linda is still alive, she is as good as dead. Kate (vampire) Katherine. The remaining Leviathans heavily involved in the plan for humanity are slaughtered by Crowley and his army in the confusion, but Crowley indicates that there are more. Subsequently, Nick appears throughout season 5 as Lucifer's vessel. God gives Metatron several insights into His actions, confirming He resurrected Castiel several times to aid the Winchesters and revealing he "turned off" Dean's amulet's ability to detect him. Dean later learns from Loki that Loki selling Gabriel to Asmodeus was an act of revenge as Loki blamed Gabriel for the death of his father Odin at Lucifer's hands. However, Eileen decided to remain a hunter rather than return to a normal life. Sam and Dean then cut her up and bury her in cement to forever entomb her. In "Girls, Girls, Girls," Raul chases after one of the girls, Tiana, who managed to escape. Garth Fitzgerald IV, portrayed by DJ Qualls, is a hunter who generally works alone, although he has teamed up with the Winchester brothers on two occasions. After determining that Mick has become too much like the American hunters, Doctor Hess has Arthur Ketch murder him and announces that they will now wipe out the American hunters, particularly the Winchesters. However, unknown to them, Charlie's last act was to email Sam her notes on how to translate the Book, giving them the chance to finish what she started. Dean and Sam rescue all the children and kill the head Changeling, destroying the imitation Ben. To keep the Winchesters from finding out that Castiel has been captured, Asmodeus impersonates Castiel on a phone call to trick them. Eileen was eventually found and raised by a hunter named Lillian O'Grady who died of cancer when Eileen was sixteen. In "The Scar," Castiel tells Sam and the returned Dean that Nick took off claiming that he had personal matters to attend to and hasn't been returning Castiel's phone calls since. Later, in "Brother's Keeper", Dean hunts two vampires solo while under the influence of the Mark of Cain and having separated from Sam. Death appears again in "Appointment in Samarra", in which Dean attempts to convince him to retrieve Sam's soul from Lucifer's cage. After finally hacking it, an automatic email sent to the brothers which states that if they are receiving it, it means that Frank is dead or worse. Demons are malevolent beings, returning to Earth to commit chaos and violence. Kevin is left confused as to who Metatron is when Metatron reveals knowledge of the third trial as well. After killing Missouri, the wraith targets her psychic granddaughter Patience Turner who manages to escape. She also tells Sam that in the book which covers the events of "Time Is on My Side", Bela gave the Colt not to Lilith but to her right hand demon, and possibly lover, Crowley. Rowena aids the Winchesters in killing the witches and breaks the curse on Dean, saving his life. She has been trapped in Purgatory, where the souls of the supernatural go. Lucifer and Castiel later manage to escape in "Various & Sundry Villains" while Asmodeus is away. The angels call in an alternate reality Castiel to tear the information from Charlie's mind, but Sam, Dean, Mary, Jack and Castiel arrive to rescue them, killing all of the angels, including the alternate Castiel. Kevin has been promised that he will be reunited with Linda in Heaven if he suicide bombs the human resistance which he feels is his only chance to see his mother again. After they are rescued, Dean asks Castiel to wipe Ben and his mother's memories of him, which he does. Claire attempts to kill him with the gun and when she fails, he tries to kill her. Ben is still upset and accuses Dean of abandoning his family. To this end, they kidnap, Garth, Bess and Sam, planning to murder Garth and Bess and frame Sam and Dean to goad the pack into returning to their old beliefs and bring about Ragnarok. Colt also built a railroad of iron, in the shape of a pentagram with a church at each of the points, around the devil's gate to further ensure that it was demon-proof. Lisa urges him to reconsider doing whatever he's planning on doing, and urges him to stay and have a beer. Ramiel was unaffected by a demon-killing knife, an angel blade and devil's-trap bullets. When Crowley starts a hunt for Alphas to locate Purgatory, he starts sending telepathic messages to his "children" to create as many new vampires as they can. After being mortally wounded with her own scythe by Dean, Billie returns to her library which she has warded against the Shadow as a precaution. Olivia was in fact the heiress' daughter through an affair with a shapeshifter. After his breakup with Sam, Sully attempted to mentor two girls, Audrey and Reese, which ended in the melancholy accidental death of Audrey during a game of tag. Akobel ordered Lily to run while he confronted the angels and was killed. To their shock, Luther reveals that Barthamus is the true villain in the situation: two hundred years before, Luther sold his soul to Barthamus in exchange for the demon saving his son from a terminal illness. Sam then reveals to the Alpha Vampire it was all a distraction so he could get and load a bullet for the Colt. In "Various & Sundry Villains" Rowena returns as a result of the same precautionary spell as before, but has taken a longer time to heal because of the extent of her death. He is prepared to shoot them, but because he owes Bobby he agrees to help them. Jervis is a low-level demon portrayed by Jesse Reid appearing in season 11 and season 12 who is loyal to Crowley and then Lucifer.